This May The Most Bizarre Thing I've Used On My Hair But It Works!

This May The Most Bizarre Thing I’ve Used On My Hair But It Works!

I’m the type to always try something once whether that’s food or beauty products, but when I heard about using Coca Cola on your hair to get super bouncy and shiny curls I was taken aback. I wonder what the person who discovered this was thinking. I really wonder.. Curiosity often gets the better of me but not the the extent that I’d pour one of my favourite drinks all over my hair!

After shampooing and conditioning, I just simply poured half a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola over my hair, waited for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinsed it out; we can’t be having sugary, sticky hair can we? I was expecting instant results, but the real results came after my hair dried after towel drying and using an oil on my damp hair.

The results were springy, bouncy and such a surprise. One of my favourite drinks can actually do something other than causing diabetes, rotting teeth and obesity? Who would’ve thought?