Is Soap No Longer the Skincare Pariah?

Is Soap No Longer the Skincare Pariah?

After coming across this article in The New York Times about how soap which was once viewed to be the most evil thing known to skincare is now slowly creeping up into the skincare regimens of many women, I’ve been thinking about soaps and how they really aren’t so bad after all (unless you have acne).

Working at BeautyMART, I’ve stacked tonnes of Camay Soap which is up there in the list of Original Gangsta soaps; it’s been on these skincare streets since 1926! It’s loved so much that I met a woman working on the beauty counters at Harvey Nichols who said that she purchased 5 in one go and is ready to go back. If that’s not love then what is?

Although soap isn’t really recommended for my acne prone skin, I use Sheabutter Cottage’s African Black Soap from time to time and it’s great at thoroughly cleansing the skin and it’s also said that it helps with uneven skin tone too so I’d definitely recommend!

To see how common cleansing with soap is, I asked you ladies and here are some of the soaps you use:

Thinking about it, I’m more of a cleansing with a balm and a flannel kinda gal, I’ve been ingrained with how evil soap is that I wouldn’t really use it with the exception of the African Black Soap. But brands are coming out with soaps containing nourishing, gentle and moisturising ingredients that aren’t so harsh on the skin. Maybe one day I’ll use a soap regularly but for now I’ll just stick to my usual routine!

Do you use soap? What’s your favourite soap?