Beauty Experiences | Celgenics Couture Facial

Beauty Experiences | Celgenics Couture Facial

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I recently hot footed it down to Marian Bourne, founder of  natural skincare brand Celgenics home in Wimbledon  London for her signature Couture Facial. The skincare brand focuses on peace, love and healing through vibrational energy medicine. Every cell in the body vibrates at a particular frequency. In exactly the same way, homeopathy, flower essences and crystals also have their own characteristic energy frequencies. Energy medicine uses these energy fields to heal the body and now, through Celgenics skincare, improve the skin.

Celgenics products are enriched with specific energetic information from homeopathic remedies, crystals and flower remedies. They include the vibrational information from collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, co Q10, vitamin C and B vitamins. The flower remedy energies include crab apple, star tulip, holly, pine, sagebrush, star of bethlehem, clematis, rock rose and arnica; a mix of  beautiful, soothing energy. Each of these is important in its own right and combined together they create a powerful, energetic matrix.

The facial started off with Marian asking a few questions about my current skincare routine, skin concerns and diet. As well as a skincare expert, Marian is also a nutritionist so she gave me great advice on treating my skin issues by eliminating sugar and wheat. I’ve yet to do that (I have the craziest sweet tooth), but I will soon and keep you posted on how that goes, but moving on to the facial it was incredibly relaxing. The essential oils in the products used during the facial helped me to calm down and relax after a hectic week. I calmed down so much that I actually slept like a baby throughout the facial until I woke up to Marian zapping my face with a laser which encourages the cleansing of the body and toxin elimination. It also firms up the skin and I pretty much noticed a difference, albeit a very small difference in how much firmer my skin was.

I loved the relaxing element of the facial, but I’d have loved there to have been a bit more ‘work’ i.e. extraction and exfoliation. However, for someone as busy as myself it was great to have time to lie down for an hour while someone worked on my skin!