The Beauty Business | Karim Sattar - International Dr. Hauschka Makeup Artist

The Beauty Business | Karim Sattar – International Dr. Hauschka Makeup Artist

Karim Sattar is the international makeup artist for cosmetics brand Dr. Hauschka and has worked as a makeup artist for more than 15 years. Some of his past clients include Jane Fonda, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Annie Lennox and Anita Roddick. I recently got the chance to talk to Karim about his career, advice for aspiring makeup artists, summer makeup trends and his favourite Dr. Hauschka products.

Karim with Lights

How did you get into make-up artistry? I have always loved creating and was inspired from a young age by my mother and sister. My teacher at primary school was also incredibly glamorous; she wore wonderful makeup and had amazing nails which I was fascinated by. Being surrounded by these inspirational women led me to train as a hair stylist, and I was introduced to make-up as part of my stylist training. I realised the incredible effect you can achieve with make-up and completely fell in love with. I decided then that a career in make-up was what I was really passionate about.

What is the best part about being a make-up artist? The best part of my job is seeing a woman smile after I have applied her make-up; happiness and confidence are really the most powerful looks you can achieve! Make-up is a real connecting point between people, even those from very diverse backgrounds; essentially everyone wants to be beautiful, even if their perceptions of beauty might vary. Throughout my career I have always done charity work all over the world and I feel very fortunate lucky that it has led me to interact with and be inspired by diverse cultures and communities.

Which Dr. Hauschka products can we find in your kit? Pretty much all of them! Obviously I’m a huge fan of the whole range, but my ultimate go-to products are:

·         Concealers (for all the obvious reasons!)

·         Translucent Bronze Concentrate which gives a lovely balancing, natural glow across the complexion

·         Rose Day Cream Light which I love to use as both a primer and moisturiser

·         Intensive Treatment 03 which I use to fix and set make-up and nourish the skin too

·         Of course I always carry the latest trend collection. This season’s Dear Eyes… Collection holds a special place in my heart because I was so actively involved in creating it and really put a lot of love into it

Dr. Hauschka is a very natural brand. How important is it to use natural cosmetics? These days, people are becoming more and more aware of what they are exposing their bodies to. We are careful about what we eat, where the cotton in our clothes has come from, and increasingly so, the products we use on our skin. Make-up is applied to sensitive areas such as our eyes and lips, so it is so important to use products which are natural and are not going to harm our bodies in the long-term. I am asked questions constantly about our ingredients, as customers are concerned about allergies and hypersensitivity, so knowing what your skin care and make-up contains is so important, as is where it has come from. That is why we are so proud of Dr. Hauschka formulations.

With summer here, are there any beauty trends we should be aware of? Black eyeliner was one of the hottest beauty trends on the catwalks for this season. From striking 1960s-inspired looks at Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton to sultry smoky eyes at Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Diane Von Furstenberg. This is such a versatile item and it’s a real essential for everyone! The Kajal Eyeliner Black from our SS13 Dear Eyes… Collection comes complete with a smudging applicator to make it easy to achieve a soft, smoky look or darker, dramatic definition, perfect for summer evenings. Natural, nude tones are so huge right now, as opposed to the traditional ‘spring’ pastel colours. Antique creams, gold and pinks coupled give a really flattering look, as they enhance the natural tones of all skin colours. For a more dramatic look, couple these tones with dark brown or black to increase the impact for evening.  I would suggest pairing this with a really subtle wash of colour on the lips; perhaps a sweep of the Rose coloured Dr. Hauschka Lip Gloss.

Who would your dream clients be? The truth is that I most enjoy making up ‘real’ women, who are so diverse in their beauty. Working with everyday women is so exciting, as together we can experiment with different personas and I can adjust looks to fit the individual needs and preferences of the client. If I had to choose somebody famous though, I’d say a classic natural beauty; timeless women like Kate Winslet, Halle Berry or Helen Mirren come to mind. They really know how to let their natural beauty shine through, and understand the looks that work best for their age and personality.

Any advice for budding make-up artists? I think the most important thing is to believe in yourself – be your own biggest fan! Practice on friends with different colours and texture to push your style and experience. At the same time though, it’s very important to remember that you will always have to create the look that your customer wants. Regardless of whether the make-up is for an advertising campaign, a bride on her wedding day, or the everyday woman in a department store chair looking for an update, you must listen to them because then you will create something that they love, even if it isn’t to your own personal taste. Just because you wouldn’t wear a particular look doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look stunning. And, of course, it is so important to always be professional, put in consistent hard work and effort, which will get you your next booking!