The Mixstress Workshop | Dragonsblood Salt Scrub

The Mixstress Workshop | Dragonsblood Salt Scrub

IMG_5077Sometimes olive oil and a bit of salt doesn’t cut it, you need to take it up a notch. That’s where the Dragonsblood Salt Scrub comes in, and no it’s not special because it contains the blood of a certain mythical creature – that’s just the name of the fragrance oil I’ve added to it. Think patchouli, vanilla, rose, orange and jasmine. Prepare for your bathroom to get filled with its scent.

Unlike the very effective, but sometimes slippery salt and olive oil scrub, this doesn’t give you that usual skin-so-oily-you-might-slip-and-break-your-neck because of a foaming butter I’ve used to give it some thickness and grip. As well as that it also cleanses the skin very gently.

You Need:

2 tablespoons of foaming bath butter

1 tablespoon of soy butter

1 tablespoon of any oil you like – prefeably a scentless oil like almond

4 tablespoons of table salt – increase or decrease depending on how exfoliating you’d like the scrub

3 drops of Dragonsblood fragrance oil

What To Do:

With both butters, oil and Dragonsblood in a bowl, use an electric whisk until fully mixed together

Add the spoons of salt gradually as you whisk

The scrub is perfect for DIY pedi’s and rough bits like your elbows and knees, so if you do try it let me know what you think!