Ask An Expert #1

Ask An Expert #1

errol douglas mbeA lot of my time is spent reading your emails telling me about beauty dilemma’s like acne, thinning hair, your quests to find the right moisturiser or picking the right foundation. And while I can try to help, I only know so much, and sometimes I have to pull out the big guns – the experts. Equipped with knowledge in their respective fields, they know way much than I do, so I recently had a chat with celebrity hairstylist Errol Douglas and posed some of your hair challenges to him:

How can I stop curls from frizzing and keep them defined from root to tip? The Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream is fantastic as it’s a moisturiser and locks in the oils. You can apply it wet and continue using it during the day if you wish. Because the products are so intense you shouldn’t ever overload the hair. Use the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask and Intense Curl Cream. What you’ll get with both is the hydration but also hold so you can let your hair dry naturally. You have to be careful with curly hair – never frizz it, scrunch or rub it. You just have to pat the hair into place and then let it dry naturally.

Moroccanoil ProductsGetting hair thicker and shiny? If you’re washing your hair too regularly you’re not giving it the chance to get thicker, shinier and healthier. With European hair it’s another ball game. But for curly and Afro hair I would say that you could get away with doing a big shampoo, letting the natural oils settle and then rinse when it’s feeling a little heavy. Don’t shampoo, just rinse the hair with water. Dry the hair and then use something like the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil or Glimmer Shine which is a spritz and let the hair again dry naturally.

Are there any hairstyles if you have a large forehead and curly hair? A lot of people with round and oval faces tend to take everything back and that’s wrong. You should always have a few layers at the front of your hair just to encourage it, as in if you tied it back and had a few layers the hair will come forward. Softness is always good, but if want a full on, blunt fringe you can because a fringe minimises the shape. Or you can just have softer bits at the side.

Got a skin, hair or any other dilemma? Email me and I’ll forward your question over to an expert to answer.