Parfum Du Jour | Aerin Amber Musk

Parfum Du Jour | Aerin Amber Musk

On what could be described as one of the best evenings I’ve had in quite some time, this week I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the latest Aerin fragrances at the Jamie Aston florists in Great Portland Street for a flower arranging lesson whilst familiarising myself with the collection. I learned two things that evening – I could do with more flower arranging lessons and that I had discovered the fragrance I’ll be wearing all winter.


My bouquet inspired by Evening Rose!

There are five fragrances in the collection, Gardenia Rattan, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine, Evening Rose and Amber Musk each capturing intimate aspects of Aerin Lauder‘s life from the fragrant lilac bush that blooms every spring at her country home to representing the dynamic of the modern woman who is strong yet feminine. Aerin describes fragrance having the ability to ‘create a mood and change a feeling immediately’ and Amber Musk*, my favourite immediately evokes the feeling of comfort and warmth for me. Launched conveniently in November, the fragrance blends notes of ambrox, rose centifolia, benzoin, musk and coconut water.

aerin amber musk perfumeAmber Musk is a fragrance that I’d most likely find lingering on my mother’s shawls and cardigans as it’s such a familiar scent. The winter calls for heady musks, jasmine, oud and anything else you wouldn’t be bold enough to wear during the warmer months, but Amber Musk is a creamy and softened down fragrance with enough depth to be considered my fragrance of the winter.