If I Were To Have Just One Beauty Resolution…

makeup brushes…it would be to wash my makeup brushes more often! The time, effort and ability to induce insanely high levels of boredom earn cleaning makeup brushes a lofty position on my list of worst things to do in the world. It’s a task I just don’t care to do and I always put it off for as long as possible. But when I recently realised how long I’d been leaving the brushes between washes, disgusted wasn’t the world. For someone with skin prone to breaking out I need to do better so now I’m vowing to give my brushes a regular clean – once a week.

When I do wash brushes, I prefer an emulsifying cleansing oil like DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil* or Shu Uemura Ultimate Cleansing Oil as they latch onto makeup and are clean in just one go. But, when I’m looking for something gentle yet super effective the Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap gets my brushes clean in no time.

Comment and let me know what your beauty resolutions for next year are!