The Designers I'd Love To See At My Nearest Beauty Hall

The Designers I’d Love To See At My Nearest Beauty Hall

Christian Louboutin 2

It’s always been a tradition for my sister and I that whenever we find ourselves in Selfridges or Harrods we absolutely must go to Christian Louboutin and admire that which we unfortunately cannot afford. I’ve always lusted after the classic Pigalle 100 which I consider to be the ultimate wear-with-everything heel, and as Louboutin recently announced his foray into beauty with a collection of nail polishes maybe I can finally experience a little Louboutin magic after all!

Rouge Louboutin, a vibrant red the exact colour of the iconic red Christian Louboutin sole is the designer’s debut product. With a 20.5cm tall cap to match the heel of his highest heel, Ballerina Ultima this nail polish is definitely not a wallflower. For most like myself who find the decision to treat themselves to a pair of Louboutin‘s akin to giving up months of rent money, fragrance and cosmetics are a chance for customers to buy into a designer label but in smaller, more affordable chunks. And now that one of my favourite designers has stepped into the world of beauty there are quite a few more that I’d love to see. I enlisted my sister, Hamda Issa-Salwe a Fashion Merchandise Management student to illustrate and put what I had in mind onto paper:

louis vuitton fragrance

Louis Vuitton – Will they or won’t they? There’s been a lot of talk about a Louis Vuitton fragrance in the pipeline for a while now, but we’re unfortunately yet to see those plans come into fruition. If I had it my way I’d dream up a Louis Vuitton fragrance with notes of Madagascan vanilla, musk, amber and of course, heavy leathery notes.

Alexander Wang – Alexander Wang isn’t really a label I see bringing out an extensive cosmetics line, so I think they’d be better matched with a well established brand with a similar aesthetic for a limited edition collection. NARS with its fashion focused brand image would be perfect. I picture a line of nail polishes and top coats with different finishes like rubber, matte, iridescent black and a glossy black topcoat to intensify the colour of your nail polish.

Elie Saab – Watching an Elie Saab show is an absolute treat for my eyes; every single piece has me wondering why I haven’t set up a fund to get some Elie Saab in my wardrobe. With two fragrances to his name already, a makeup line would just be natural. I imagine super-luxe packaging and eyeshadow palettes rivalling Tom Ford! Who does modern Hollywood glamour better than Elie Saab? Absolutely no one hence the palette – something to create a classic smoky eye but with a dusky pink/peach thrown in there for a modern injection to a much loved classic staple in every woman’s make-up repertoire.