I’m Not Quite Ready to Leave Winter and This is Why…

photo (5)Granted that along with the winter come frosted fingers that you’re certain will drop off the next time you leave the house without gloves, or wind so vicious it penetrates what you thought was a hijab that’d keep you warm. But, as someone born in the thick of winter I’m willing to deal with these things if you give me an abundant supply of hot chocolate, gorgeous coats and make-up in those dark and vampy hues so evocative of that time of year – plums, burgundy, Marsala and blackcurrant all fall into rotation the instant it gets so cold that not wearing a coat is no longer an option. While it may be good news for the summer-inclined, the recent sunny weather is the mark of sandal season’s imminent arrival, and although I’m generally not one for adhering to season-dictated trends I’m a little gutted to be leaving my beloved vampy lip behind, and the recent additions to the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche* line do not make it easier.

To celebrate the 30th birthday of L’Oreal Paris’ Color Riche line, the brand welcomes an extensive collection of 8 lip liners, 14 lip sticks and nail polishes to match including my favourite pairing, Preliminaire. An intense berry/purple photo (6)but with a shimmer running through the nail polish, I wish the launch came a little earlier because Preliminaire as well as Oud Obsession, a cognac-brown lipstick that’s a modern take on the 90’s definitive lip colour would’ve been perfect during the winter. But with that being said, I’ll still be wearing them, but will be making a little room for my brights i.e. Estée Lauder’s Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Fuschia Flash* and Illamasqua Paranormal Palette*.

If ever there was a brand to make you question the notion that a high price is a sure guarantee of quality, or vice versa, it would be L’Oreal Paris. For just £6.99, the quality and formula of their lipsticks seriously leave you wondering why you ever burned a hole in your pocket for high-end lipsticks in the past. The moisturising, intensely pigmented formula as well as that iconic scent with notes of violet, jasmine and iris make Preliminaire and Oud Obsession good enough to be an alternative to the discontinued Tom Ford Black Orchid and rival MAC’s Tabla.