Mind Pretty Soul

Mind Pretty Soul

July will mark the fifth year since Muslimah Beauty claimed its space on the Internet. Five years! That’s five years of ranting about my acne, penning my journey to clear skin, chatting with industry professionals I admire and sharing my most cherished recipes. However, I must be honest and note how much has changed since the blog’s beginnings with respect to my circumstances and interests. While a new beauty launch may continue to grab my attention, I now find myself interested in how it intersects and interacts with mental health, design, nature, nutrition, spirituality and fashion. As a result, I believe it’s only right that I ensure this blog reflects my growth instead of letting it stagnate for longer than I’ve allowed already.


The fact that I’ve been in somewhat of a funk as to what I should do with the blog is evident in the dearth of posts over the years, and that’s mainly because of joy’s very own thief – comparison. As opposed to developing and expanding the blog in light of my growth, I’ve been rather rigid with the content because I felt it was best to go with the current, which in turn has stunted the creativity and initiative I had when I started. I love to write, but not when I’m constrained and limited to a certain writing style, so there were many moments I’d dread writing a post. However, I’ve now come to truly appreciate the value in having my own voice, and 2016 will be the year I allow it to be heard. One way in which I aim to do this is through my decision to launch a weekly newsletter called Mind Pretty Soul. The idea came about during a 6 hour flight from Jeddah (there’s something about being disconnected from the outside world that seems to get the creative juices flowing!), and it’s the first time I’ve been this excited about the blog in a while.

The name is pretty self-explanatory:

  1. Mind – that which gives us peace of mind, be it love, yoga, food or a good read;
  2. Pretty – why beauty, of course! Where you can expect the blog to go into depth, the newsletter will feature a quick insight into a product, salon or treatment I’ve been feeling that week; and
  3. Soul – refers to all that feeds and enriches the soul, whether it’s laughter, spirituality or travel.

The first newsletter goes out this Sunday, the 17th January, and I hope you’ll subscribe and join me on the next stage of this journey.