Sugar Face, Fat Face and Phone Face… No, they’re not insults as you may initially assume, rather they’re the common afflictions befalling our visages in this modern era according to FaceGym, the hottest workout studio around, only it’s for the face. As for where I fit in, sugar has long left its mark on my skin and so I was recently prescribed a face bootcamp* consisting of a week of juices designed by The Juicery in conjunction with Welleco (created by the Elle Macpherson – if it’s good enough for her…), facial exercises and foods to avoid – gluten, dairy and sugar of course.


Sugar has been my vice for as long as I can remember, and I’ve tried taking control in the past. I successfully weaned myself off the stuff two years ago, but the stress of university insisted on being soothed by sugary treats. However, with confused skin after months of traveling and truly indulging during the festive season, I realised it was time to do something come 2016.

Face Camp Smoothies

As well as the nutrient packed smoothie bowls and green smoothies I was consuming that week, I would check into FaceGym‘s Selfridges counter for regular facial treatments-cum-workouts. The first entailed a derma roller, face balling to de-puff and activate the lymphatic system followed by what I can only describe as the most ingenious contraption – the Pure Lift. The gadget sends “mild, yet forceful electrical waves to produce painless deep muscle stimulation that restores face and neck skin elasticity and youth”.


Though being 24 affords me the privilege of not having to worry much, I did notice a drastic difference in that my face looked contoured and the brow area was lifted. I’m now plotting how I’ll manage to fork out £300+ for the machine (if my loved ones are reading, consider this a huge birthday present suggestion).

Another treatment impressing me that week was the Clear Lift Laser, which my therapist used in order to clear up a stubborn sugar-induced breakout on my chin. After the week I wasn’t necessarily left with clearer skin as the laser helped to bring some pimples to the surface, but it was most certainly heading in that direction. FaceCamp was exactly what I needed to help me shift from the indulging of last year into clean eating for the new year.