I must admit, I got a little bit spoiled by ELLIS FAAS, and I can be nothing but grateful for that! I got the ELLIS FAAS Holder with 8 cosmetics of my choice inside! For the next couple of posts, I will be revealing each one of them, the colours, how it feels and just your usual make-up review. But also, Maria Papadopoulou; the head make-up artist of ELLIS FAAS! Maria is also beauty editor of OZON Magazine. She will reveal the Spring/Summer 2013 make-up looks in the next post! I’m just excited as you are

So stay tuned for some exciting things to come!

For more pictures, click here!

Love and Peace

Backstage with Bora Aksu

I don’t get lucky everyday, but when I do, then I get way too lucky! So lucky, that I got invited backstage to before the S/S ’13 Bora Aksu fashion show at London Fashion Week. I got to have a lovely chat with Maria Papadopoulou; the head make-up artist of ELLIS FAAS! Maria is also beauty editor of OZON Magazine.

Maria was kind enough to answer few questions about what inspired her to create the make-up look for the Bora Aksu S/S ’13 fashion show:

“Here is my inspiration for the Bora Aksu SS13 fashion show (with Gazelli Skincare, ELLIS FAAS Make Up and Mavala). The Bora Aksu SS13 collection was inspired by Queen Marie of Romania (1875-1938). I thought it would be interesting to revisit the past by researching what skincare and make up women were wearing then along with looking into the future at colour predictions and tendencies.

The make up on the eyes was a jeweled metallic green/burgundy/purple. The lashes were painted with purple mascara and there tips were dressed in black (very 1930′s technique). The blush was round on the cheeks and swept up the cheekbones around the temples. The lips stained in a mix of red with orange (vermilion red). My homage to the past, merged with the new textures in skin care and make up, interpreted with technique and artistry, offered a contemporary look.”

For more pictures, click here!

Up next, Maria will reveal her prediction on Spring/Summer 2013 make-up looks, so stay tuned!

Love and peace.

Have a look at Maria’s brilliant work here, follow her on Tumblr here and twitter for a feast of inspiration!

The Colours of Spring

These pictures were taken just during London Fashion Week in September. I wanted to wish summer farewell by rocking this bright red lipstick with pastel coloured nails and floral dress. The day was warm and sunny as well, the perfect day to take a beauty shoot.

I always keep it subtle and natural with the rest of the make-up when I wear fire red lipstick. I believe that it’s a good balance. The Revlon Super Lustrous in Revlon Red 730 almost feels like a lip balm, shiny and moist. It doesn’t dry out your lips, though the colour does wash and fade out after a while and it doesn’t hold either; it stains. In fact, you might want to avoid kissing people or drinking from a cup for that matter.

When it comes to Benefit cosmetics, they are always one of my favourites! The blusher Coralista is powdery but in a sense that it doesn’t look ashy or dry. It feels smooth, blends in very well and not to mention the warm coral-pink colour is perfect for almost every skin tone! The BADgal mascara by Benefit is great, considering the fact that my eyelashes are so short and fine, BADgal enhances them and even give the illusion that I have long lashes. But to be quit frank, I don’t even like eye make-up, and I only wear them for special occasions. I have very sensitive eyes, and tend to rub them as soon as I put on eye make-up…believe it or not, the minute I was done taking pictures, I rubbed my eyes and ended up looking like a panda bear!

The nails… yes the nails! I always thought having nail polish on completes the look and adds a bit of spark and colour burst to everything. Nails Inc polishes are actual light and watery, yet strong and coat well. One coat and the colour appears vibrant. It doesn’t chip off easily either, but then that always depends on how often you do the washing up, gardening and anything that requires your hands (duh!).

Mascara- Benefit BADgal
Lipstick- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Red Lacquer 
I’m wearing:
Dress from Zara
Watch from Guess
If you want to see more pictures, feel free to click here and enjoy!

Collaboration with ZINAH

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Zinah and I’ve been running a fashion/lifestyle blog for over two years now. Besides the obvious that I’m a blogger, I’m also a designer and freelance writer (though I wouldn’t call myself a great writer…).

I’m always so terrible when it comes to beauty and skincare…almost hopeless and not at all womanlike! But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look after myself and read about beauty/skincare tips.

I’ve always been fond of Muslimah Beauty and the great tips Hafsa provides us with. Her blog is the one I’d turn to when I needed to know about how to deal with dry skin, or just to see what the latest make-up trends are.

I have a beauty section on my blog, but let’s be honest, it’s a total mess! I’m more of a photography person and tend to share photographs of the beauty products I’m currently using with my readers. How useless is that? Very!

So I decided to collaborate with the lovely Hafsa and share beauty product reviews with her readers. I was thrilled when she agreed to the idea and the collaboration.

So you lovely ladies will get some beauty product reviews, some London Fashion Week backstage stuff and anything related to beauty/skincare, twice a month from me, for you on Muslimah Beauty. Excited? Yes, me too! Stay tuned!

Love and Peace

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