The Mixstress Workshop | Chocolatey Body Polish

A couple of days ago, I was browsing the shelves of The Body Shop and was besotted with their new Chocomania Body Scrub which smells like a chocolatey dream! However after trying it, I came to find that it wasn’t as exfoliating as I’d hoped so I decided to make my own version which is incredibly simple to make. The scrub smells just as good but if you want to make it smell even better, use coconut oil!

I also mixed the scrub with a chocolate face mask I made and that worked well for me too so just add a little yohurt and honey if you wish!


4 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of oil (any oil is fine)


First add the sugar and cocoa powder into a bowl

Then add the oil

Stir properly until the ingredients have been fully mixed to create a paste

The Mixstress Workshop | Homemade Chocolate Face Mask

I eat like a pig sometimes and one of my downfalls is a bar of Galaxy Chocolate and as unhealthy as chocolate can be, I sometimes try to justify my love for the stuff with this face mask which soothes, hydrates, heal and softens the skin. Chocolate is an antioxidant whereas the honey and yoghurt with their humectant properties help to keep the keep hydrated and moisturised. Honey also has antibacterial properties so it’ll help zap the zits too.


2 heaped tablespoons of yoghurt

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of honey


Just simply put the three ingredients into a bowl and mix until you get a consistency similar to the above photo

Whatever’s left in the bowl is completely edible (and delicious too!) so you can treat yourself :)

The Mixstress Workshop | Argan & Coconut Shimmer Oil

Shimmer Oil

With the summer here (well most definitely not in London) everyone’s tanning, bronzing and shimmering so I’ve been speaking to a few people about what they’ve been using and most mentioned the usual products but a few mentions of oils with a shimmer to them like the NARS Body Glow, Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil and Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Golden Dry Oil made me think about mixing up my own shimmery oil. Out of the three, I absolutely love the NARS Body Glow for its divine Monoi de Tahiti scent and subtle bronze sheen but it costs an arm and leg for £44 so I think you’ll be happy to know that you can still create the luxury for a lot cheaper using just three things: argan oil, coconut oil and a loose or broken bronzer.

Argan and coconut oil are luxury oils with cult followings for a reason. They’re incredibly moisturising in their own right so putting the two together makes a lot of sense. You can also add essential oils for added benefits and to add fragrance. For a sensual oil, I’d blend jasmine, vanilla and maybe just a drop of cinnamon but for something floral and fruity yet deep, I’ll combine ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and sweet orange; it all depends on your mood!

I’ll be storing the oil into a bottle and I’m aware that you ladies wouldn’t be using the same size bottle as myself, so the measurements depend on the size of the bottle.


50% coconut oil

45% argan oil

5% bronzer


Carefully pour the bronzer into a bottle. Using a funnel will help to avoid creating a mess.

Slowly add the oils to the bronzer. If necessary, stir to mix the bronzer and oil.

Finally, close the cap firmly and shake the bottle to mix the oil and bronzer evenly.

Keep in mind that coconut oil solidifies under certain temperatures so don’t be alarmed if you find it frozen; you can just run the bottle under the tap and it’ll go back to normal. Also, the bronzer and oil may separate but you can just simply shake the bottle and it’ll immerse.

The Mixstress Workshop | Luxury Macadamia Vanilla Scrub


Bath time should be the time where you get to use the best products and for me, the best products are those that have unbeatable quality and smell absolutely beautifully.

This recipe is inspired by the Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub which is one of the most outstanding scrubs ever with its decadent kukui, macadamia and sweet almond oils but it costs an arm and a leg so whilst it’s lovely to purchase a luxury body scrub with the wonderful packaging, in reality you can make your own for the fraction of the cost using products that you’d find in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with the exception of macadamia oil.


1 cup of brown sugar (white sugar is okay too, I ran out so I opted for white)

1/4 cup of macadamia oil

1/4 cup of sweet almond oil

2 tablespoons of honey (must be as runny as possible to mix

10 drops of vanilla essence


Pour the sugar into a bowl or container large enough to store the scrub in and then add the oils, honey and vanilla essence to the sugar.

Mix everything together very well and pay close attention to if the honey has mixed well too.

Depending on how strong you want the vanilla scent to be, add more or less of the vanilla extract.

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