Four Things To Know About Estee Lauder

One of my first makeup memories is being a curious 14 year old, raiding my mother’s makeup stash and slapping on copious amounts of Estée Lauder Double Wear all over my face. It didn’t matter that the foundation was five shades lighter or that I was given a good telling off, but the glamorous packaging and luxurious feel of the Double Wear planted the seeds for a love of what is now one of my favourite cosmetics brands. Years later as a business student I’ve come to appreciate Estée Lauder as a whole – the brand, company and businesswoman who started it all. Born Josephine Esther Mentzer, Lauder’s interest went from creating Youth Dew, a perfumed bath oil at Saks Fifth Avenueto a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

five things to know about estee lauder

1. Being the first to introduce the gift-with-purchase, Estée Lauder was a marketing pioneer. Getting people to buy your product is one thing, but retaining customers is another and while many see gifting as a simple token of appreciation, it goes beyond that. Should the customer fall in love with the sample sized gifts, they’d return back to the counter for more. Clever!

2. Estée Lauder is parent to many of your favourite beauty brands and you probably didn’t even know it! OjonOrigins, Jo MaloneMAC, Tom Ford, Bumble & Bumble and Darphin to name but a few. It’s genius how Estée Lauder has a wide portfolio of brands varying in price point, brand identity and product ranges. Clinique is the scientific skincare brand, MAC the fun and youthful cosmetics line with very loyal women of colour customers anTom Ford is where we all go for super luxury.

3. Not one to miss out on an opportunity, Estée Lauder is expanding into Africa with its first MAC store in Nigeria and the intention to focus on countries including Kenya, Ghana and Angola. While some brands are struggling in the West due to the current economic downturn, many African nations are seeing a boom in their economies and a rising middle class so it makes perfect sense for Estée Lauder to enter. Maybe you’ll be seeing MAC in Mozambique, Clinique in Cairo or a Bobbi Brown counter in Bosaso!

4. After meeting Rodolfo ArcigaEstée Lauder‘s Global Makeup Artist from Mexico at Selfridges‘ Global Makeup Artist Event last November I realised just how global the brand was. The counter staff were also from all over the world, and Estée Lauder‘s faces Constance JablonskiLiu WenJoan Smalls and Arizona Muse reflect the brand’s international diversity.

Ask An Expert #2

errol douglas mbeSo we’ve got world renowned, celebrity hair stylist Errol Douglas back for another installment of Ask An Expert after an email from Nancy, a Bikram yoga aficionado which Errol is a fan of himself so there’d naturally be no better person to answer:

“I  will be attending Bikram teacher training which requires two classes a day, 6 days a week for 9 weeks. I wanted to know if there are any tips on how to treat my hair during that period. I currently have relaxed shoulder length hair. I relax once ever 12 weeks and wash bi-monthly. I moisturize daily with castor and coconut oil and do not like silicones”.

Yoga sessions are actually a good time to hydrate the hair on the go. As the movement is smooth enough to create enough heat without too much perspiration, putting on a light leave-in conditioner and showering it off after class will really keep the hair in top condition. Naturally we need hair out of our eyes during exercise but be careful not to created ponytails or top knots with too much tension, cumulatively it can cause breakage. Use bungee clips or soft material bands that are snag free, use just enough tension to keep hair off the face but within that as loose as is practical.

Got a skin, hair or any other dilemma? Email me and I’ll forward your question over to an expert to answer!

Parfum Du Jour | Loewe Aura

Loewe AuraNobody knows what it is or what shape it has. It is a glance, a gesture, a smile. Pure magnetism. Either you have it or you don’t.

Put elegance and sophistication into a bottle and and you have Loewe‘s Aura*. The floral and woody fragrance combines spicy top notes of pink pepper, bergamot, redcurrant and violet with elegant heart notes of jasmine, iris, sambac absolute, narcissus absolute and rose otto. The base notes once everything dries down is what truly makes me fall in love with Aura – Australian sandalwood, atlas cedar, raspberry nectar and of course, a hint of Loewe leather considering their leather making origins.

Of all the fragrances sitting on my dressing table, Aura‘s been getting the most love lately. It’s one of those fragrances that has absolutely no problem fitting into different seasons. During the winter the woody notes make for a comforting fragrance, but with spring here, the floral notes will really come into play.

Aura can be found at The Fragrance Shop and Harrods.


Despite being just three months into 2014, the year has already proven to be super hectic with a dissertation and numerous exams to study for. Writing a dissertation until the early hours of every morning will naturally rob you of the motivation to blog regularly hence the lack of posts. I’ve missed it dearly so I’ll be making the effort to update you ladies a lot more, but in the meantime let me fill you in with what’s been happening when I haven’t actually been swamped with a tonne of test papers and text books…


What I’ve Been Doing – Preparing for my presentation at the Making Cosmetics Conference on the 26th March where I’ll be speaking about how brands can communicate with their Muslim customers. It’ll be an interesting presentation so if you’re in Coventry make sure you register and attend!

What I’ve Been Using – Unfortunately stress makes acne go round, so I’ve been keeping my trust blemish busting stash very close by my side. Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion and Drying Lotion, La Roche-Posay’s new Effaclar Duo [+]* and the Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel* have been getting me by. Expect a post on this soon. 

What I’ve Been Reading – Staying within the theme of dissertations, I’ve been reading Above the Stench by Shannon Peter which investigates how niche fragrance brands stand out in the saturated fragrance market. Fragrance and academia = perfect reading that won’t leave me so guilty for not studying.

What I’ve Been Searching For - Just like it’s firmly established that we all need the perfect red lipstick in our lives, I’m beginning to think that nude lipstick is just as important. But the quest to find one hasn’t been easy so I recently took to Instagram to ask you ladies. Add to the conversation and let me know what your favourites are!

What I’ve Been Supporting - Pioneers in bespoke shampoo, Concoction are calling the public to get involved in The Concoction Club, a crowdfunding campaign with a difference. Money pledged via Indiegogo will be awarded with perks from customised Concoction products and limited edition edition tote bags to exclusive sessions with beauty industry insiders including Millie Kendall MBE. Go and support here!

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