God Bless Morocco!

God Bless Morocco!

Somewhere deep in southwestern Morocco lies the Argan tree. By roasting, grinding and finally extracting oil from the seeds from the Argan fruit, a wonderful oil is created. And I don’t use the word wonderful lightly.

Here’s a video on how the oil is made; interesting stuff:

Almost everyone is talking argan oil and I can honestly understand the hype behind it. Considered to be liquid gold, argan oil has quite a high percentage of essential fatty acids and phelnols and vitamin A, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which in laymen terms means that the oil has antioxidant effects on the skin making it perfect for acne sufferers. I have acne prone skin and let me tell you, this oil has helped my skin a lot more than acne creams out there!
I get my argan oil from Sheabutter Cottage which comes directly from Morocco; no middle man which is perfect.

The other jaw-droppingly wonderful benefits that argan oil carries include:

Works miracles on unmanagemable hair
Argan oil is also amazing on split ends. Proper care for the ends of your hair is vital as it’s the oldest therefore most delicate part of our hair. Always make sure that you have a routine for the ends of your hair as you would for the rest of your hair. It could be applying pomade, trimming every 6-8 weeks (everyone should do this) or just applying an oil like argan oil. The oil is known to restore the smoothness and manageability of hair  which is great if you want to prevent split ends.

Wonderful if you’re trying to knock back some years
Want to look 30 when you’re 40? Well forget botox, argan oil is the thing you need! Okay, aside from sounding like a commercial, argan oil is rich in Vitamin E which allows skin regeneration and renewal.

Controls acne
I already said it’s great for acne but I didn’t go into detail. Argan oilis non- comedogenic meaning it does not clog the pores. For acne sufferers, non-comedogenic products are crucial in fighting acne. A common thing that acne sufferers, including myself do is that we tend to not moisturise or use products that dry our skin out and that’ll only add fuel to the fire. You’re probably thinking why an oil is good for acne as the last thing that comes to mind would be to apply oil to oily skin but, argan oil regulates sebum which is what makes your skin oily. As a result, your skin becomes less oily resulting in less acne. I can say that I only get major spots on my face around the time of the month and occasionally on my T-Zone as argan oil has kept the spots at bay now, alhamdulillah. There are many other oils and butters that are non-comedogenic that’ll elaborate more on in the future.

Scars be gone!
So you’ve cured the acne, but you’ve got scars. Really annoying. The Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids in argan oil make it perfect for lightening scars.

Luxury Manicure
It’s a Sunnah to look after our nails and keep them clean, trimmed and presentable. I make the habit of massaging argan oil into my cuticles and leave it on over night. When I wake up, my cuticles are soft and easy to push back.

Many other benefits of argan oil include softer skin (I’m not even boasting, but people always complement me on how soft my skin is), prevention of stretchmarks, prolongs the colour in dyed hair, shiny, shiny, shiny hair and perfect for massage