6 Iconic Beauty Products I Grew Up With

6 Iconic Beauty Products I Grew Up With

I came across this post on Latina about 6 iconic beauty products one beauty writer grew up with. Reading it just got me all nostalgic and thinking about mine. I’ve thought about my 6, so let me go ahead with it:

1. Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturiser Hair Lotion

This is such an iconic for  girls with curly hair or a black mother. It smelt weird but never, ever let you down and left my frizzy, curly hair soft and tamed. Left my hair slightly greasy though but, it’s definitely worth using on your child or even you maybe?

2. L’Oreal Kids Shampoo

Who could forget the ‘look at me’ bottle and it’s gorgeous smell. I used to beg my parents to buy me this shampoo because it just looked like something I wanted to have in my bathroom and it smelled soooo delicious. I’d be there squeezing the bottle just to smell it!

3. Nail Polish

Okay, even though there’s no specific colours, nail polish was an iconic thing growing up. My mother first introduced it to me and paint my nails every now and then. I loved the time spent with her aswell as getting my nails painted leaving me feeling all glammed up!

4. Hair Mayonnaise by  Organic Root Stimulator

Hands down, this was a classic. Everyone used to wear it and it left their hair amazing! My mum would wash my hair, comb it then apply this in it and leave me under a heat cap for 10 minutes and wash it out. Mayonnaise is fantastic for hair, it’s a protein so it treats and prevents your hair from breaking so Hair Mayonnaise will do just the trick. Writing about this wants me to rekindle my relationship with this stuff!

5. So….? Kiss Me

This was mine and many other tweens’ first perfume. Thinking of it now, it was sickly sweet and quite tacky but, I loved it. I’d spray, spray and spray away until it finished! Definitely brings back memories!

6. Baby Lotion

Do I even need an introduction? This definitely was (and still is) a must have item in every home. I don’t use it now though as it’s just too light.

What were your iconic beauty products growing up? Any of yours in my list? Remember to enter Muslimah Beauty’s Eid 2011 Competition for a chance to win prizes!