Leaving the Summer | Winter Skincare

Leaving the Summer | Winter Skincare

The cold weather during the winter is too harsh to just shrug and accept. If you want great skin during the winter, then you need put some effort into achieving it as the cold, blistering weather could leave your skin dry, flaky and chapped if you don’t prepare.

For your face, you really need to pay extra attention as it’s most likely to suffer at the hands of the harsh weather. Moisture is key when it comes to protecting your skin but, there are far too many creams out there claim to do so. Adding 2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil to your regular moisturiser works very well. Vitamin E Facial Oil from The Body Shop is an amazing oil that’ll have your skins thirst quenched. Alternatively, you could rub 1 drop of the oil into your skin before moisturising. You can also use the oil to give yourself a facial massage and argan oil too. Massaging your skin will stimulate and give you a clearer, more brighter complexion. This video in my opinion gives an amazing example of facial massage:

Something that many women are guilty of is not exfoliating their skin regularly. You need to set a regular date as to when you’ll do so because when you do, you’ll notice the difference ladies! It’ll get rid of the dead skin that’s just sitting on your face (ergh!) which will then allow your skin to absorb your moisturiser better. No exfoliating = no moisture!

Right, now I’m going to sound loopy but, you need to wear sunscreen! Why would you wear sunscreen when the sun isn’t even shining? Well, the sun might not be shining but, the UVA and UVB rays still are and if you don’t protect yourself from them, then you’re not protecting yourself from aging. Also, for anyone who’s using lightening cream to lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation, using sunscreen is overly important otherwise you’re defeating the whole purpose of lightening the spots in the first place!

At home, you’re probably going to be using a heater. It might make you feel all warm and cosy but, your skin will suffer at the same time. The heat will suck the moisture from your skin so purchasing a humidifier is a great investment not only because it’ll protect your skin but it’ll also reduce the chances of you getting sick with a cold.

For your body, I’ll start with your hands. Regardless of the weather I have to carry one with me whenever I’m out as my hands have the tendency to get dry. I’ve tried almost every hand cream under the sun and for me, the best one was The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector. Hands down, this is the best hand cream! Practically every other hand cream that I’ve tried haven’t left my hands as soft as this cream so it’s definitely worth trying if you want your hands all soft this winter. With the hand cream down, you really need to look after your nails this winter too. They’re more likely to chip and break so to prevent that, give yourself a hand massage every other night with any warm oil that you can find. I find that argan oil and sweet almond oil work best for me. Pop the oil into the microwave for around 10 seconds then massage it in and pay special attention to your cuticles.

When it comes to the winter, I love hot baths. There’s something so lovely about sitting in a hot, steamy bath when it’s absolutely freezing outside. As much as I love them, hot baths are a biiig no-no! The hot water will just strip the skins moisture leaving your skin dry which in consequence will mean that you’re going to have to work even harder to keep your skin moisturised. Stick to a warm bath instead; I’m going to battle with this one but it’s very worth it.

What you use in the shower counts. In the summer, I’ve noticed that people tend to use shower gels but in the winter, it won’t give you any moisturising value whatsoever. Stick to shower creams and bath milks and oils instead. L’Occitane Creme De Douche Ultra Rich Shower Cream is a great shower cream that’ll replenish moisture. In your bath, add 1/4 cup of powdered milk to reap the full benefits of a milk bath. Cleopatra didn’t bathe in milk for the sake of it!

When you get out, make sure your skin isn’t fully dried. Massage your moisturiser onto damp skin as the damp skin will ensure that the moisturiser locks in all of the good stuff from your bath. The harsh weather really has no mercy on your body so it’s best to use a thick moisturiser. Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion is the lotion I use during the winter. I had terribly dry patches around my elbow last year and I used this everyday for around two weeks and it was gone. It’s super light but the moisturising power it holds is no joke!

Make sure your skin doesn’t fall victim to this winter!