The Mixstress Workshop | Olive Leave-In Conditioner

The Mixstress Workshop | Olive Leave-In Conditioner


Leave-in conditioner gives your hair all of the benefits of a conditioner without having to wash it out which is amazing, but, some of leave-in’s on the shelves aren’t actually all that great for your hair. They can contain alcohol which is far too harsh on your hair and is a no-no as far as Muslim women are concerned. Also, if you look at the ingredients, there’s at least ten¬†ingredients! Mind you, these are ingredients you can’t pronounce.

It’s dead simple to make your own with only a few ingredients that will actually work to condition your hair. In my one, olive oil is the star of the show. It’s something that most of us have in our kitchen and it’s amazing on our hair. It nourishes, protects, conditions and will strengthen and thicken your hair so why not it? The recipe is pretty flexible so if you want, you can add or replace the olive oil with other oils such as sweet almond, avocado, jojoba and argan oil.

Another wonderful ingredient is Aloe Vera juice. I can be writing for days here but this stuff is amazing. It’s got many uses so you can use it as a skin toner, use it on cuts for its anti-bacterial properties, keeps your skin hydrated, fights hyperpigmentation and wrinkles too. For the hair, it’s super moisturising if you’ve got dry hair, helps with dandruff, promotes hair growth and leaves your hair shiny. You’ll definitely notice a difference when you use it.

With this recipe, I’ll be pretty lenient on the measurements. As we’re using a spray bottle here, some may have a large bottle, some might have a small one. Just follow the guidelines and switch it up a bit if you want. If you don’t want your hair to be greasy though, make sure you’re careful with the amount of oil you use.

You’ll Need:

A spray bottle

Rosewater (enough to fill up 1/4 of the bottle)

Olive Oil (1/4 of the bottle)

Aloe Vera juice (1/4 of the bottle)

2 teaspoons of hair conditioner

1 teaspoon of glycerine

What to Do:

Add the hair conditioner, glycerine, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera juice first. Then add the Rosewater. Shake the mixture until you see that it is fully mixed together.

The leave-in may separate from time to time so, make sure you shake it well before using it.