Skin Bleaching.. For Men?

Skin Bleaching.. For Men?

Bleaching has become a pretty normal thing for Black and Asian women however, what I never thought would become a trend is men bleaching.

I actually know some women that go through lengths to lighten their skin such as applying skin bleach everyday and leaving it on for hours upon end. One woman I know now has burn marks on her cheeks from the bleach and she’s actually become darker. Some women don’t get the shade they desire and end up having an ashy face which is a stark contrast against their dark necks and hands. It’s upsetting to see just how many women risk their health and looks to become a few shades lighter.

I’ve visited many countries and in Arab countries, I’ve noticed that the television adverts are totally different to those in the UK. Adverts for skin whitening products such as Fair & Lovely are the norm. Their adverts show women with unhappy lives due to their dark skin and once they start using Fair & Lovely, they get the man that they’ve admired’s attention, they get the job they’ve wanted or they become popular. The psychology behind this stuff is fascinating.

Women are definitely victims to this bleaching trend but I never thought I’d see the day where men would be too. There are a few male celebrities to name like Sammy Sosa and Shahrukh Khan who are no strangers to the bleach, in fact, Shahrukh Khan was the face behind a male bleaching cream. Bleaching may be new to the West but, in India it certainly isn’t. In Shahrukh’s advert, this young guy has no luck with the ladies and when this bleaching cream comes into his life, lo and behold, the women can’t get their hands off him. Is this the message that companies want to give to people? That you’re not attractive with darker skin? Surprisingly, it’s companies that we’re very familiar with that sell lightening creams. Lancome, Garnier and many others we see in the West want a share in this lightening nonsense.

Moving on from India, Vybz Kartel, a popular Jamaican dancehall artist has received a bit of negativity due to his bleaching. I like his music but after seeing his transformation, I’ve lost all respect for him. He claims to have used a soap called cake soap which is actually used to clean clothes with to become lighter. There is an obvious difference in his skin colour when you compare the before and after. His skin looks a little grey to me now whereas before, I honestly couldn’t see a problem with the colour of his skin. He compares bleaching to changing your style. Apparently, it’s no different to changing your hair! Clearly it is. And to top it off, Vybz Kartel’s launching a new skincare line on September 15th. The skincare line includes skin lighteners, astringents and toners. I can’t help but shake my head. Someone with such influence being behind such an idea is just craziness to me. Making money off peoples insecurities.

People need to address why there’s a need for skin bleaching. Clearly people do not feel adequate enough with dark skin. Rather than bleaching, I hope they can turn their low self-esteem around and learn to love the skin they’re in regardless of their shade.

What do you think about this skin bleaching trend? Do you think it’ll blow up for men?