Muslimah Beauty's Been Shortlisted!

Muslimah Beauty’s Been Shortlisted!

Wow wow wow wooooww!!! I’m so over the moon ladies! Muslimah Beauty has actually been shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011! I entered just because I thought I may aswell try but, I thought that I wouldn’t even get shortlisted but I was proven wrong and I’m so happy that I’m wrong for once!

It’s been amazing seeing how much Muslimah Beauty has taken off in the short time I’ve started writing so regardless of whether or not I win, I’m definitely proud of my accomplishment. I started this blog to help Muslim women like myself that are interested in beauty and make-up to have a community where they can feel beautiful both inside and out and not have to worry about the products that they’re using are Halal or not. What I’m surprised about is how a mainstream magazine such as Cosmopolitan would shortlist a Muslim women’s blog! Amazing!

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