Review: No 7 Lash Adapt Mascara & Free Smoky Rose Quad

Review: No 7 Lash Adapt Mascara & Free Smoky Rose Quad

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I’m not a huge fan of No 7 mascaras as I’ve never found that they work particularly well for me, and hardly ever pay attention to them. So when I was in Boots with my handful of £5 off No 7 vouchers (ok, there weren’t that many, but enough to buy me a few things!) I didn’t even bother looking at the mascaras. It was only when I reached the till that I saw a shiny, black eyeshadow quad with gorgeous purples , and was told it came free with No 7’s latest addition, the Lash Adapt mascara! So, what do you guys think I did?  Yes, I will shamefacedly admit that I only purchased this mascara for the free palette (I bet you guys have done that before, too!), and who could resist when there was a £5 voucher to cash in too?? …Yeah I did the same thing last year with the Exceptional Definition mascara and free Define and Shimmer palette…which, btw, was absolutely stunning, and I gave the mascara away without even trying it! :-D


According to No 7, the unique formula of Lash Adapt allows you to apply coat after of this mascara, without the risk of clumping, for up to 6 coats! To obviously give you fabulously full lashes.


Erm…who actually has the patience – or time – to layer 6 coats of mascara?? I don’t! I can just about manage two careful coats with a mascara that I know will give results.  Lash Adapt did nothing for me. The first coat was disappointing as it didn’t build up the length of the lashes, and although the second coat managed to give a bit of volume, this mascara really didn’t do any more than any average mascara. But to be fair, most mascaras don’t work on me until a few weeks after opening and the formula has thickened up a bit. So I might change my mind in a couple of weeks.


But who cares? Let’s get to the eye palette ;-D



How gorgeous are these colours? The quad includes a golden, milky white, a muted pink, a lilac with golden tones to it and a dark, multi-tonal purple – all the colours have flecks of gold, except the dark purple which has a pinky-purple shimmer.
Swatches are with one single swipe, without a primer underneath.



The shadows are quite soft and fairly easy to blend. The colours are not overly pigmented, but are still good enough to build a soft, smoky eye. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything more glamorous and flattering than a smoky eye. The pink is a little disappointing, however, as it’s not as pigmented as the others, but layering it can build a nice wash of colour. The subtleness of the colours makes them extremely wearable, even for a day-time look. I love this palette in all its gorgeousness, and think it’s great quality for a freebie. Go get it whilst it’s still available.


The Smoky Rose Quad comes free with the Lash Adapt mascara, available in Boots in the UK for £12.50, or for £7.50 with a No 7 £5 voucher.