Soap & Glory’s Flake Away | My Weekly Love


Could it be that I’ve found a Soap & Glory product that I actually love? Ever since Soap & Glory have been around, I’ve tried it out here and there but I’ve never really clicked with a particular product. I’ve found them to be too synthetic and that’s what you get for your money considering that it’s cheap.

Two weeks ago, I was coming back from an amazing workshop that I was invited to at the Virgin Media headquarters and I walked past Boots. Now, I can never really walk past Boots because I usually end up walking inside and walking away with a bag load of stuff which I did. I’d heard quite a bit about Flake Away so I thought I may as well give it a go. £7.00 for 300ml of this polish isn’t bad at all and there’s a 3 for 2 deal on bathing products at Boots so I took that to my advantage.

What’s in It?

Shea Butter, sugar, peach seed powder, sweet almond oil, sea salt, grape seed oil and castor oil. However, the ingredient at the top is Petrolatum; in other words, it’s practically Vaseline. I’m not too happy about that but, it works somehow though.


I didn’t need to moisturise after getting out of the shower which appeals to the inner laziness in me. It also smells lovely; a sweet, flowery and girly scent. After a while though, it gets sickly sweet and annoying so it can also be a con.

I felt so pampered and pretty after using it and for £7.00, who would’ve thought that pampering’d be so cheap?


Takes forever to wash off; no matter how many times you try to wash the polish off, you’ll always find bits of sugar and salt in the most random places.

I do not like that there’s petrolatum in the scrub. What makes it worse is that petrolatum is right at the top of the ingredients list. Petrolatum is a by-product of petrol and it can have negative affects on our health so I’m not too thrilled about using it.

Despite the petrolatum, I’m love with Flake Away; the fact that it left my skin super smoothed, polished and buffed trumps that there’s petroleum in it a million times!