Product of the Month | Saaf Pure Skincare Organic Hydrating Face & Lip Balm

Product of the Month | Saaf Pure Skincare Organic Hydrating Face & Lip Balm

I’ve been using aaf Pure Skincare products for quite a few months now. Their products are of such high end quality. I knew I was going to choose a Saaf product as my Product of the Month but I didn’t know which one. It was either their Organic Foot Softening Balm or this and right now, my skin is so messed up and this balm has helped so much.

I’ve been breaking out around my chin like crazy for the past week or two and acne around the chin is usually hormonal. With hormonal acne, there’s nothing you can really do but to regulate your hormones with a good diet and medication like a contraceptive pill. Along with the acne, my skin has gone so dry! It’s really difficult to find something that helps with dry skin as well as oily and acne prone skin so I usually use something else on the dry areas on my skin.

The way I’ve used the Organic Hydrating Face & Lip Balm is to pat it onto the areas I’m driest like my chin, around my nose and some parts of the cheeks. Because it’s designed for dry skin, I don’t risk using it on the rest of my skin which breaks out at even the faintest contact with super hydrating products. The consistency of it is so smooth and it melts very easily into my hands so it glides well if you want to use it as an all over face balm or, it sinks in well when I’m patting it in.

My first glance at the packaging and I was taken back. It comes in the cutest glass jar and the black, gold and smoked glass screams class and elegance. It’s definitely something I’d be proud to pull out and use on my lips when I’m on the train unlike your usual metal Vaseline tub. Not only did the visuals have me impressed but on the packaging I saw that 98.5% of the ingredients which are Lavender, Chamomile, Rosehip Seed, Vitamin E, Geranium and Black Seed oils are certified organic. If that doesn’t amaze you, I seriously don’t know what will. With all the rubbish that we put on our bodies, finding something that adds no chemicals to their products is refreshing. I should have taken a photo of the ingredients list, you’d honestly amazed at how there’s no words that you’ll have trouble pronouncing!  As well as the balm being organic certified, it’s also Halal (yay!), vegan and vegetarian certified so you know that you’re dealing with products that you can trust.

The balm has worked well on my face, but on my lips, I’ve found it to be a bit too soft. I tend to go to buttery lip balms and since I’ve started using just Shea Butter as a lip balm, I’m used to the texture. However, it’s lovely as an overnight lip balm sort of thing to give your lips extra hydration over the night. Totally unconventional but my other use is to help me create a dewy look with my make-up. When you’re trying to go for a dewy look, you can either look like you’ve ran up the stairs or too broke to afford powder. Doing it right is key and this balm helped do just that. After I’ve applied foundation, I’ll take the tiniest (II mean it!) bit of the balm and pat it on my cheekbone but, the part that is right beneath the eye. It’s important not to use it on your actual cheeks. When you’ve got it right, you’ll look all pretty and dewy!

Anywayyyysss, my long essay is over but it’s because I love the balm so much :)