December's GlossyBox! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

December’s GlossyBox! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

I saw quite a few people getting their GlossyBoxes earlier this week and I was getting quite impatient until I came back home from uni to be greeted with the best GlossyBox I’ve set my eyes on. At first, coming across posts on other blogs, I didn’t really like the look of it but, once it arrived I loved it! I’m sure you’ve seen everyone else’s boxes but I got mine on Thursday, wrote this yesterday and I’ve been feeling a little ill (still got a throat infection and possible chest infection too) so forgive me :)

GlossyBox have really gone out of their way to give us an amazing box in time for Christmas. Their Special Edition Christmas GlossyBox* is red instead of their usual pretty pink which gives it a lovely warm, festive feel to it. I love their usual box but this one is just something else; the red and its glossy finish is fabulous and it truly reps GlossyBox! Glossy Box have recently got quite a few things to be proud of. First, they’ve launched a GlossyBox for men! It’s a box sent to the man in your life every 3 months filled with 7 products. This months box has products from YSL and Monu and a few other luxury brands. I’d get it but neither my dad or brothers are the preening type, I have problems with persuading them to use the body butters I whip up!  Another bit of news from GlossyBox is that there’ll be a longer wait for the January box but in their words, ‘it’s worth the wait’ because they’ll be sending out another limited edition box in time for Valentine’s Day. Do I picture a bright pink box? Love hearts maybe? We’ll see.. Moving on, I seriously love this months box. I’m sure my cat Charlie would love it like he has with the previous ones but he hasn’t sniffed around it as usual :S 

What’s in the box?

Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment £43.00

This cream comes in the cutest little tub. It ‘utilizes the technology based on Life Science Nanotechnology by treating the skin with the same ingredients in the same quantities and ratio naturally produced by a human body’ (what a mouthful!). I’m only 20 so I’m not bothering with wrinkle or anti-aging products but my mum was quite interested in it despite not really needing it. 

Blink + Go Eyeshadow and Blush Palette £14.95

I love this palette so much! I’d seen that quite a few people received a mascara instead of the palette and I was hoping I didn’t because I’d already bought a mascara yesterday so it would’ve been annoying to have two mascaras! The colours look quite natural and you can use these colours together successfully.

They’re not very pigmented though despite the ‘maximum colour’ description so you’ll need to pat the colour on to get quite a bit of it on.  A description they do get on point is that is has a ‘perfect silk texture’; it glides on beautifully.  What I don’t like about the palette though, are the blushers. GlossyBox are supposed to have this form type thing where they ask for your skin types, concerns, hair colour, skin colour, tone etc but it’s not working for some reason. If it had been working, they’d not have sent me the palette because they’re far too light and pink for me as they’re suited for a much lighter woman. However, my sister liked the blushers and they suit her so I’ll be using the eyeshadows and she the blusher. 

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss £10.00

These shades are cute and very girly. I have no idea what this shade is called, it’s not written on it but, at the bottom it says ‘Paris’ on it (maybe?) but maybe it was made in Paris.. Anyways, it doesn’t suit me. Yet again it’s too light and barbiesque. It’s got an iridescence to it which I do like. My sister loves the colour though! Whenever I get something that’s too light for me, I’ll always give it to my sister who’s a gazillion shades lighter than me! 

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet £16.00 for Nail Varnish £14 for Pack of 6 Removers

I’m literally so happy I got this! I’ve been meaning to try Deborah Lippmann polishes for the longest time and I honestly don’t know what my nails did without them. This is hands down one of my favourite polishes. It’s the fiercest red glitter polish in the universe. It’s a clear polish with red glitter so I wouldn’t recommend you use this on its own. I’ve teamed it up with Nail Inc. London’s Victoria polish and it looks fabulous!

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel £6.50

I’m not usually one for foaming shower gels. They remind me of the handwash you find in public toilets but this smells divine. I got the Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil wash and the scent is something I can’t describe how lovely it smells. Almonds and roses aren’t really a scent that I’ve thought about but whoever did was a genius! This months box has made my week (filled with never ending deadlines and a lack of sleep) but if I had anything to say about GlossyBox, I’d suggest that they fix their system of figuring out what products would suit people because I don’t really want to receive another piece of make-up that’s too light for me.