Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion - Pore Perfecting | My Weekly Love

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion – Pore Perfecting | My Weekly Love

Urban Decay is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. Their eyeshadows are just breathtakingly gorgeous so I wanted to try something new. Their Eyeshadow Primer Potion is extremely popular and I love it so, I thought that I may as well try their face primer too after reading a review from the lovely Holly Arabella. With my combination skin, my make-up wears off too quick for my liking and the only way for your make-up to stay longer is by using a primer. Make-up artists use primers not only to ensure longer lasting make-up but, it also creates the perfect canvas depending on the type of skin. This primer, helps with oily skin as it creates a matte finish.

I don’t wear foundation regularly, but I do apply concealer everyday under my eyes and where I have an uneven skintone. Everyone talks about how good primer is under a foundation but I’ve never heard anything about how well it performs under concealer and a bit of powder. Well, I can confirm that it does! One problem though, is that the primer leaves my skin slightly ashy so one problem is that seeing as I’d only apply concealer to certain areas of my face, it might leave me looking slightly odd but that problem is sorted once you apply powder to set your make-up. It leaves things incredibly natural looking because there’s nothing I hate more than a cakey face!


This primer leaves my skin very velvety and matte; something I’ve had trouble with getting.

My make-up doesn’t budge. It lasts from the morning where I get ready to go off to university, then I’ll come back in the evening and my make-up is still intact!

Just like Holly says in her review, it does everything it claims to do. Smooth, matte and velvety skin guaranteed.

It smells ‘pretty’ (no other way to describe it, don’t judge me!) and reminds me of laundry LOL!


The packaging looks so cool and funky but, you need to twist it then squeeze out the primer. However, it’s leaked twice in my make-up bag which is incredibly irritating.

When I apply it, my skin looks a little ashy. I do apply my make-up over it so it doesn’t make any difference annoying nevertheless.