Your Skincare Routine Debunked PT2 | Toner

Your Skincare Routine Debunked PT2 | Toner

I remember writing the first post such a long time ago, then I just kept procrastinating the next post but have no fear ladies, I’ll be giving you the low-down on toners. So many women have no idea as to whether there’s any point in using one or not.

According to Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way by Susan West Kurz (I love the book!), the purpose of toner is that it completes the cleansing process as it further removes make-up or cleanser that wasn’t washed off previously. It should also help to balance your skin as cleanser can be quite drying so if it’s gentle enough, it should be able to get your skin back in order.

As someone with blemish prone skin, I can say that toner has helped me a huge amount. With the right ingredients your toner can help with any of your skin concerns. Regardless of your skin type though, never use anything with alcohol. It’s far too drying on your skin even if you’ve got oily skin as something that’s too drying will actually be counter-productive and lead to even oiler skin.

Most people wonder about whether there’s any point in using a toner. Logic would tell you that once you clean your skin, that’s it but, I wouldn’t say that it’s necessary nor would I also say that you don’t need it at all. For skin that needs a little help like acne and oily prone skin, I’d recommend it so much.


Dry skin will benefit from something hydrating, so look for a toner containing glycerine which is a humectant. Humectants will bring moisture from the lower layers of the skin to the epidermis which is the outer way. That way you’ve got skin that’s more hydrated.

Try: Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Skin Toner


It’s imperative that you use a toner that won’t irritate your skin. With sensitive skin, you never know if something isn’t right for your skin until you try it as you’re usually sensitive to many ingredients.

Ingredients to look out for are chamomile, lavender, aloe vera, rose and jasmine. These ingredients are very gentle on the skin so you’ll get the benefits of the product without any reactions.

Try: Darphin Paris Intral Toner


This skin type in particular would benefit hugely from a toner. The key is to find something that’ll help keep the skin in order so ingredients like tea tree, lavender and salicylic acid will help to keep oiliness and acne at bay.

I myself use a toner I make myself with rose water, aloe vera juice and tea tree oil. I don’t use exact measures but, I’ll fill up a spray bottle with roughly 75% rosewater, 25% aloe vera and about 5 drops of tea tree oil. Other essential oils that would be ideal to use are lavender, chamomile and lemon.

Try: Clinique Clarifying Lotion #4

For all skin types, I’d recommend just rosewater alone. It’s one of those miraculous things that works on nearly everybody. It’s natural, cheap and super gentle on the skin!