Your Skincare Routine Debunked PT3 | Serums

Your Skincare Routine Debunked PT3 | Serums

Serums which are meant to worn under moisturiser are meant to add a little ‘something’ to your skin. Depending on what you’re going for, you can find serums to help with concerns like aging (though I don’t really see aging to be a problem), acne, dull skin and uneven skin tone. A few fantastic serums that come to mind are Saaf’s Organic Ultimate Moisture Face Serum for dry, prematurely aged and sun damaged skin rich in rosehip and pomegranate seed, ylang ylang, geranium and safflower, Saaf’s Organic Complexion Boosting Serum has worked very well on my blemished complexion, Olay’s Regenerist Night Resurfacing Exlir is one of those serums that help with a tonne of things and even acne according to Huda Beauty. For a serum that’ll brighten your complexion, PHB’s Awaken & Revive Advanced Serum containing Hyaluronic acid, vital AHA’s and kiwi, apple, grape and strawberry extracts is great and it feels like a proper serum that just absorbs into the skin so well.

You need to be careful when approaching serums however. Some of them are potent in ingredients that’ll help to better your skin but precaution is best with some ingredients, AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid) in particular. They work to help with a plethora of things but, they increase your skins sensitivity to the sun therefore it’s imperative you wear a sunscreen which is SPF 15 or higher. Most serums containing AHA’s are for evening use as it’s not recommended to use them when exposing your skin to the sun however, the AHA’s in PHB’s Awaken & Revive Advanced Serum are derived from fruit and it also contains organic jojoba which has a natural SPF level of 10 so it’s okay to use it in the sun but I’d personally recommend you use separate sun protection.

One of the most common questions is whether it’s possible to use more than one serum at a time. One serum may be for anti-aging, the other for hyperpigmentation and you just want to reap benefits from both. I tweeted Renee Rouleau, skincare expert whether this is possible and she confirmed that you can layer your serums. My sister uses two serums, one with AHA’s and then she’ll wear an oil serum on top. Some serums recommend that you only use that particular serum so if that’s the case, then obey that rule but if otherwise then you’re free to layer it up!

Serums tend to be more concentrated in ‘active’ ingredients than moisturisers and they will also penetrate the skin better than a moisturiser would. That doesn’t mean that you should ditch the moisturiser altogether however. The serums I’ve come across have barely ever kept my skin moisturised with the exception of a few like the Saaf Organic Complexion Boosting Serum. What I’ve found with serums is that they might not be moisturising, but once you incorporate them into your skincare routine, you do notice a difference depending on what you’re using it for. If you team an anti-aging serum with an anti-aging cream, it’s likely that you get twice the action than with a cream alone!

Do you use serums? Which one have you found to work well on your skin?