L'Oreal's Super Liner Perfect Slim | My Weekly Love

L’Oreal’s Super Liner Perfect Slim | My Weekly Love

Finding a great liquid liner can be a task for some women. I perfected my technique at the sweet age of 15 and wore a winged eye everyday until it got a bit boring so now I’m a no liner kinda girl but when I’m rocking a winged eye, I make it the fiercest you’ve seen!

I’ve gone through many liquid eyeliners but Collection 2000’s Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner for a cheap as chips £2.99 has been my trusty friend for years but I don’t know if the brush has changed or something but applying it just doesn’t seem the same anymore so I experimented with gel eyeliner which I heard was easier to apply than liquid but after trying that, I wasn’t too keen so I went back to liquid and found this baby. L’Oreals Super Liner Perfect Slim Liquid Eyeliner has reignited my love for liquid eyeliner. It’s a pen so the application is even in comparison to another liquid eyeliner where you’d keep dipping the applicator into the ink which can be pretty labourious.

You can build up the intensity as you can see below: