GlossyBox – Harrods Edition


The team behind GlossyBox have been giving everyone a single letter for the past few days for us to put together and decode. You’d get N one day, E the other and S another day and now the words add up to be KNIGHTSBRIDGE!

Knightsbridge is the exclusive area, home to department store Harrods that just makes me feel like a pauper every time I visit. I’ve seen Tamara Ecclestone draped in fur and her gorgeous Birkin, wealthy Arabs coming to London on holiday and the most vulgarly expensive jewelery I’ve ever laid my eyes on but Harrods connotes glamour and wealth so to see GlossyBox collaborate with Harrods gets me so excited!

What do you think will be in the box? I’ve heard a few things in the rumour mill but I’m hoping there’ll be a luxury scented candle, something from Tom Ford and sleek, designer packaging. Can’t wait to get my hands on the box!