Curly, Defined Hair Without The…. Frizz (Gasp)!

Curly hair can never seem to look right without the honourary halo of frizz so I’ve learned to just accept it. Frizz isn’t all that bad but when you want a polished look, frizz isn’t your friend so what do you do? Frizz-Ease, despite it being everyone else’s choice has never really worked for me but Paul Mitchell’s Liquid Curl Definer in the Express Style range keeps my locks defined, the frizz at bay and smooth, smooth, smooth! Although it doesn’t keep the frizz away entirely (the only thing I’ve found to keep frizz away is straightening my hair), there’s a significant reduction in the frizziness that happens to find itself on my hair. Also, I’ve noticed it keeps my hair down rather than going outwards which is quite a problem for a lot of curly haired ladies.


It smells great – it smells like something in between sweets and shampoo so your hair smells fresh and clean!

Curls are super defined but not crunchy unlike many other styling products for curly hair.

It stays for hours and even days!

It contains castor oil which is one of the best oils for curly hair. Curly hair + castor oil = hydrated curls = happy curls = happy you!