Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Romantic | My Weekly Love

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Romantic | My Weekly Love

I love a good lipstick and Chanel never fail to provide you with one. There’s something I love about higher end lipsticks in comparison to ones you’d find in the drugstores as they’re a lot richer and there’s just something luxury about them and there’s just the most amazing finishing touches like Chanel being printed across the lipstick. So chic!

I’ll start by saying that the texture of Romantic is making me consider not buying any other lipsticks that aren’t from Chanel; not even Tom Ford and MAC whose lipsticks I love. Obviously I’m exaggerating but this lipstick is so creamy yet it’s not creamy to the point where it doesn’t stay put. Trust me, this lipstick will stay put! The durability is like that of a matte lipstick as they usually have a longer lasting power than creamier lipsticks but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it stayed on my after eating and drinking.


It’s a beautiful browned raspberry shade which”ll suit all skin tones. On me it’s a slight nude with just a hint of pink but on white skin I’ve noticed it looks like a normal pink lipstick.

It can be worn as a daily lipstick without lip liner but also goes well with a smokey eye and can easily be used to create a prim, proper and polished look with lined lips, taupe shadow and blush and well defined brows.

Lips were moisturised and the lipstick almost feels like a rich lip balm.

The packaging makes you want to show it off; the sleek metal, engraved Chanel emblem and the word Chanel engraced on the lipstick are those small things that are big to me.

You can build up the intensity very well so it can be used on the cheeks, dabbed onto the lips lightly for a sheer finish or you can go in for full intensity; it’s up to you!


The lipstick goes for £24 which is quite pricey which isn’t too big of a deal however, I think it’s worth it!