Fruity Beauty Body Scrubs

Fruity Beauty Body Scrubs

My body scrub obsession still continues and I’ve just developed a taste for fruit scented scrubs. I’m not too keen on fruity scented body products as the scents usually come off as too synthetic but I’ve found two fruit scented scrubs that’ll buff away bumps and flakes and will leave you smelling like a fruit salad!


I can’t get over the smell! Anything mango scented is a major plus for me and it’s one of the very few fruity scents I love. In comparison to many other mango scented body products in the market, this doesn’t smell the slightest bit artificial when in reality it is. What isn’t artificial though is how it leaves your skin. I prefer coarse sugar scrubs and this uses exactly that so after using this not only am I left with moisturised skin but it’s significantly smoother.

The fact that the Shea butter in the scrub is fairtrade certified also encouraged me to purchase this so whilst you’re scrubbing away, you’re supporting communities in West Africa. Beauty and fair wage support. Go you!


Despite me not liking artificial scents, the lemon scented scrub smells totally artificial. It smells of very, very, very sweet lemons so I’m surprised that I taken to the scent of the scrub.

Moving on from scents I don’t like but leaving an exception for this scrub, it’s a Dead Sea salt scrub with algae and sea kelp. I’m entirely sure how algae and sea kelp help but the scrub  does the trick of leaving your skin silky smooth.