Figs & Rouge Cherry & Vanilla 100% Organic Balm | My Weekly Love

Figs & Rouge Cherry & Vanilla 100% Organic Balm | My Weekly Love

I’ve expressed my love for multipurpose balms before like the Shiffa Rose Bliss Balm and a few I’ve made myself and I just recently added another balm to my collection. The Figs & Rouge’s Cherry & Vanilla 100% Organic Balm*!

This came in April’s GlossyBox which contained only natural and organic products (reviews on the products coming soon) so it was only right for the GlossyBox team to include the balm which is vegan approved, Soil Association approved, and contains certified organic ingredients such as shea butter, rosehip oil and sunflower seed oil.


This incredibly versatile balm has seen me through days where my skin is patchy, I’ve had flyaways, and by dabbing it ever so slightly across the cheekbones, moisturising lips, it’s been a superb highlighter and

Smells just how you’d imagine cherry and vanilla to smell. I’ve never thought of putting the two scents together but it works; it’s fruity with the sensual scent of vanilla.

Where I’m moving towards using products that are free from as many harmful chemicals as possible and are vegan certified, this is a great place to start.

Mixing it with honey and applying it to the lips as a treatment for cracked lips; genius!

Organic and vegan products tend to break the bank but £3.49 isn’t bad it?


I have nothing bad to say about the balm apart from it being a bit too thin for my lips. I prefer thicker lip balms but the amount of oil in the balm doesn’t nourish the lips as much as thicker balms out there.