April Favourites

April Favourites

I’ve been MIA from Muslimah Beauty for a while however, I’ve been using and loving some products and here are a few that were my favourites last month!


JASON is one of those brands that have a great reputation for natural beauty products and their Brightening Apricot Scrubble* is definitely in my good books. I’ve tried the St Ives scrub but I haven’t used it in years and I expected the JASON scrub to be similar but for me, it’s so much better. First of all, this scrub contains a lot more natural ingredients such as aloe vera juice, jojoba seed oil and apricot seed oil in comparison to St Ives. Every time I use the JASON Brightening Apricot Scrubble, my skin is a lot smoother, brighter and it’s worked wonders on my blemishes. It’s mild enough to use daily however, I use it twice weekly as my skin’s still breaking out and I wouldn’t want to make it worse.

Another awesome use for the scrub is as a pre-shaving treatment; ladies can use it anywhere on the body and men too!


Regular readers will know just how much I love Saaf Pure Skincare but the Foot Softening Balm* is one of my absolute favourites out of their entire product range. I massage the balm which is packed with cocoa butter, beeswax, black seed, neem, rosemary, olive and lemon myrtle oils  all over my feet, pop some socks and leave it to sink into my feet overnight. Once the socks are off, your feet are a lot softer and smoother. The balm also has anti-fungal and and anti-viral properties because of the neem, lemon myrtle and rosemary.

Seeing as summer’s around the corner, this is the perfect product to get you ready for sandles season!


I’ve come across rave reviews of NYX products but I’ve never tried a single product because they’re quite hard to find in the UK so I was pretty glad to find this lip balm in my Amitee Pamper Secrets Box. It’s as though the team behind the box knew the type of shades I wear because this is exactly  the colour that I’d choose. It’s a gorgeous pomegranate/watermelon colour that you can either wear sheer or build it up for full colour. The great thing about the lip balm is that it’s incredibly moisturising yet so pigmented and it smells amazing; not quite sure what of but it’s very fruity! Another thing I like about the lip balm? It reminds me of sorbet!


I tried the YSL Forever Youth Liberator* which came in the Harrods Edition of the GlossyBox a few months ago. My sister kept going on and on about how wonderful it was on her skin and that it healed her blemishes quite quickly after using the serum so obviously I joined in on the fun and I literally noticed a difference in just one day! My skin was left smoother, more moisturised and any irritation from breakouts were calmed down. This could be due to the 3 glycans in the serum which are sugars that essentially keep the skin moisturised which therefore helps fight ageing but I think that YSL‘s missed the point where it helps with healing the skin from any blemishes, scratches and irritation because that’s the biggest thing for me.


NARS are known for being the kings of blush and Taj Mahal I feel places them in that position. Which other brand would deliver a shimmery orange blush and make it work? None other than NARS of course!

This is my official summer blush and I wore it almost everyday during my visits to Saudi Arabia and Egypt last summer and best believe that I’ll be wearing it again. It’s the perfect product at creating that bronzed, golden look that we’ve all come to love. I’m sure that many of you would be too scared to try something so bright but it asI’ve explained before that with a light hand, once it’s been blended in the blush looks gorgeous!


NARS recently released the Larger Than Life lip glosses in the UK which are very much different to the regular NARS lip glosses. The first thing is that the brush is a lot different (I should’ve taken a photo) as they’re a bit flat and shorter. Also, as many of you have noticed, the regular NARS lip glosses tend to be very sticky but the Larger Than Life aren’t sticky at all which therefore make them a lot easier to apply. The shades in the range are brighter and more intense and Norma is the brightest of them all. It’s a bright cherry red and I think NARS have been reading my mind as I’ve been looking for a red lip gloss for the longest time and there you have it!

The packaging is also a plus for me. It’s sleeker, more stylish and not frosted like the regular lip glosses.


The Illamasqua nail polish in Vice is one I picked up from their Theater of the Nameless collection. The polishes are meant to give off a waxy/rubbery texture so they’re not matte nor do they have a shine to them but to me, this nail polish looks a bit darker than Babybel but a very similar texture to it.


Don’t you love having a sister? As well as having a friend, you’ve got someone who also has beauty products in her stash so what’s hers is mine too and the MAC Prep and Prime is one of those products I’ll gladly steal off her!

I use different primers depending on how I want my skin so if I want completely matte skin, I’ll use something like the Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion but if dewy skin is what I’m after Murad’s Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish will help but the Prep and Prime is in between. It’s neither dewy nor matte for me, rather it helps to achieve a very natural look.

The Prep and Prime also contains SPF50 which’ll be perfect for where I’ll be heading off to this summer!


The MONU Collagen Cream* isn’t the type of moisturiser I’d use simply because it’s for very dry skin and my skin is far from dry however, I’ve started mixing it with my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and I’ve come to find that it’s the perfect moisturiser for that. I barely wear foundation but as we all have those days where our skin ‘s looking a little ‘bleh’, diluting foundation with this moisturiser was just perfect.

I’ve not made the habit of wearing this regularly because I fear it’d cause my skin to breakout however, I travel frequently and I always seem to breakout due too my skin being far too dry therefore the skin compensates by producing too much oil so I’ll be sure to try this in between flights very soon and I’ll be letting you know whether it helps.


I never use body sprays that contain alcohol because they’re too drying however, after a friend of mine would always smell so good, I just had to ask her what made her smell so much like vanilla and it was the Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray. This doesn’t necessarily smell as strong as a perfume as you’re only spraying this on your body so it’ll leave your skin with the scent rather than your clothes which is the case with perfume but the scent lingers on your skin for hours upon hours!

I’d love to know what your favourite products were last month so do comment and let me know!