NARS Masterclass with Lead Stylist Jane Richardson at Selfridges

NARS Masterclass with Lead Stylist Jane Richardson at Selfridges

To celebrate all things ‘Beautifully British’, London department store Selfridges have hosted the Big Beauty Bang where several brands within Selfridges will be holding events. Dior just recently brought in a London cab where you can take photos and get a Royal manicure.

One of those events held at Selfridges was the NARS Masterclass with Jane Richardson who is their Lead Stylist. NARS have a great way of blending fashion with cosmetics so make-up artists are called make-up stylists instead therefore Jane Richardson is their lead make-up artist.

Being the beauty fanatic I am, I thought I knew alot about make-up but I learned a great deal. I had my own make-up stylist with me the whole time to advise me on shades that’d suit me, recapping me on any advice I forgot and making suggestions so it was a great experience as it felt very personal.

I was tweeting the tips from Jane Richardson live on Twitter which a lot of ladies appreciated but for those of you who weren’t tuned in, here’s some nuggets of information from Jane.

  • To switch things up, you can apply a matte lipstick over a lipstick with a sheen to it. This’ll bring in the colour from the matte lipstick but the intensity from the other lipstick. I tried Club Mix over Damned and it was just a beautiful look.
  • Jane personally advised me to not be afraid of colour as you can always wash it off, to go for eyeshadow shades that suit my skintone but it should never match it.
  • Make-up is not a mask; gone are the where you would use a darker foundation and use it all over the face and up to the hairline.
  • The biggest mistake in women purchasing foundation is that they let the make-up artist choose the foundation for them. It should be your choice!
  • Like decorating, primer helps sands things down, deal with textural problems just like with a wall.
  • If your skin is flaky upon foundation application, focus on skin care and switch to hydrating foundations instead of matte.
  • Don’t look down when applying concealer with a hand mirror. Hold it above you.
  • Apply concealer to outer and inner areas only; concealer on the whole eye only puts attention to the bags.
  • Purple eyeliner suits women of colour very well; on Latina, Asian and black women it highlights brown eyes so perfectly. Bourbon Street is the perfect purple.
  • You can use an iridescent eyeshadow by blending it on the eye then bringing it to the cheekbones for a highlight.

You can also check out my tweets through the #narsmasterclass hashtag but this may disappear in a few days.