The Beauty Business | Loren Ridinger - The Beauty Mogul

The Beauty Business | Loren Ridinger – The Beauty Mogul

Loren Ridinger, the beauty and the brains behind cosmetics brand Motives and I chatted briefly about make-up, Motives and business. Motives  has collaborated with La La Vasquez Anthony and has had success in the USA and was just recently launched here in the UK. As someone who’s met her, I can definitely say that Loren Ridinger is a powerful woman who almost commands the attention of a room!

1. What made you decide to launch Motives? I think my husband telling me he was tired of using somebody else’s products and I had a large following on social media, everybody used to ask me what I used. I thought, why am I going to promote somebody else’s brand when I can have my own?
If I can make something that’s amazingly affordable, but amazing. I could afford anything I wanted personally but not everybody else can and I had worked really hard to get to that point in my life where I only wanted the best so I told my husband we’re going to make the very best products but at an affordable price for everybody and we did!

2. In terms of being a woman in the beauty industry, how do you feel that’s been? Do you think more women need to get involved? There’s never been people behind an industry of make-up. You hear of brands like Revlon, Chanel or Lancome but who is the face behind that? For Motives, it’s every woman and I like that any woman can be identified with the product so there’s real people behind it and it becomes your brand. Motives for her, Motives for Linda, whomever.

It’s an exciting time in the beauty industry during times in economic woes and things are tough. Everybody wants a great lipstick, still want a blush and still want to feel beautiful and they’ll always spring for a new lipstick even when they’re not doing so well financially.

3. Name me two products from Motives you’d recommend? 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, I could never be without it and is Jennifer Lopez‘s favourite; it literally freezes the make-up and I’ve had this make-up on since 9:45am this morning (I was chatting with her at around 9:50pm and her make-up looked great!). Every time I travel with it, I have to hide it in my bag so they don’t take it away from me!

Also the Lustrify Mascara; I got so tired of curling my lashes and with this mascara, I don’t have to curl them at all as it does that itself.

4. What would you say to young women who aspire to be in your shoes? Stay focused and persistent. Don’t give up easily, believe in yourself and in your vision. Nothing in life is easy and there will be many obstacles to overcome, but good thing happens to those who wait. All hard work pays off. Never, never give up keep trying. You can only fail until you quit.