I Bet You're Using Something You'd Never Know Could Be Causing Your Acne..

I Bet You’re Using Something You’d Never Know Could Be Causing Your Acne..

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend live a beauty clinic with the Caroline Hirons, beauty expert and blogger behind Beauty Mouth where she dispelled beauty myths, recommended products, gave brilliant advice and just made everyone who attended laugh!

One particular piece of advice Caroline gave came as a surprise to me. She recommended us all to steer away from foaming face washes as they create an alkaline surface on the skin which therefore becomes a breeding ground for acne. With my acne prone skin, I really can’t afford to get breakouts so the second I find out that something is able to contribute to causing acne, it’s straight into the bin!

Instead, Caroline suggested using an oil or balm cleanser and flannel and to double cleanse daily if we’re wearing make-up or an SPF. She pointed out that many people complain about a sun cream breaking them out but as it gets deep into the pores, if you’re not cleansing properly then it’s inevitable that you’d break out.

Is there anything else you ladies have found to cause your acne?