I Just Want To Share This With All You Frizz Sufferers Out There...

I Just Want To Share This With All You Frizz Sufferers Out There…

Wella Flowing Form Smoothing Balm and Paul Mitchell Soft Style Foaming Pommade
Frizz. For most of us it’s almost a rite of passage when trying to pull off a great hairstyle!
Yesterday I went over to my friends house for lunch and just wanted a simple, curly wash and go style (I really recommend every hijabi to dress up, look beautiful and have fun with your girlfriends every now and then!) but I knew that that frizz was inevitable and even though it’s not a great time to experiment when you’ve got 20 minutes to do your hair, (it’s worked before with my skin), I pulled out the Wella Flowing Form Smoothing Balm* which was sitting in a goody bag I received from an event I attended a few weeks ago. I worked that into damp, freshly conditioned hair and then blow dried. When blow drying curly hair, it can sometimes turn into a frizzy, fluffy mess but with this you’ve got yourself a well defined curl without it being weighed down.
Despite the Smoothing Balm sorting out my biggest hair woe in seconds, another problem many women face is a halo-like frizz around the front of the hair and hairline. The Paul Mitchell Soft Style Foaming Pommade from a previous Amitee box, which by the way smells delicious (like watermelon!) quickly smoothed the halo down when I squirted a 5p coin amount, rubbed it between my hands and gently applied on the areas that needed the pommade the most. I’ll warn you ladies who might get a little too excited when using this and mercilessly slathering it all over your hair: STOP! If you want to create a wet look with your hair, by all means proceed to use ridiculous amounts but if not then be very careful about how and how much of the pommade you use.
This double dose of goodness will leave your hairstyle standing for hours upon hours and the Wella Flowing Form Smoothing Balm works very well before blow drying the hair into a smoother, straighter style and the Paul Mitchell Soft Style Foaming Pommade is perfect for creating well groomed and polished styles like a slick ponytail!