Tanning for Darker Skin | Karamel & Brown

Tanning for Darker Skin | Karamel & Brown

Tanning and dark skin? I know it sounds rather paradoxical but women of colour look gorgeous with a tan just as much as anybody else. In fact, the tan would bring out more of a glow to the skin than making you a few shades darker.

I’m on the lookout for the best self-tanning products for us darker-skinned ladies and I first started with a new and upcoming brand called Karamel & Brown, founded by Cheryl Effiom, bringing ‘an innovative dimension to the beauty industry’ through their self-tanning products for Asian, black and mixed skin tones.

All Karamel & Brown products are free from alcohol and other nasties like parabens but contains organic aloe vera and anti-oxidants.

Before tanning, you need to:

Wax/shave at least 24 hours prior to application to avoid irritation.
• Apply on clean, dry skin. Exfoliate well before applying the solution for the smoothest coverage.
• Do not apply any lotions, creams or deodorants to the skin before use. You can use a barrier cream (any moisturiser) on areas with dry skin (elbows and knees etc).
• Do not shake the bottle.
• Always wear gloves or use a Glow mitt; blend the product evenly onto your skin, paying special attention to elbows, knees, ankles, neck, wrists, fingers, toes, etc.
• Allow to dry for approx 5 minutes before getting dressed.
• Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes whilst the Glow develops.
• Avoid physical activity after applying the product whilst the Glow is developing.
• Do not bathe or shower for at least 12 hours.
• Moisturise daily to ensure your Glow lasts longer and wears smoothly.
• Repeat application after initial glow has developed for extra radiant glow.

Karamel & Brown Glow Mousse

First of all, I need to say that the the Karamel & Brown Glow Mousse* smells like coconut and not like any other tanning product out there which is a plus for most women who can’t stand the idea of smelling like biscuits and curry (so I’ve been told). Secondly, my skin had a glow to it the minute I applied this and after a couple of hours the tan developed deeper into the most beautiful brown shade I’ve ever been which my friends noticed.

If you’re uncomfortable with how your bare legs look, then the Glow Mousse should definitely help to define, slim and even out the tone of your legs. Also, whilst I was using this I discovered a combination for killer legs which is to apply the MAC Face and Body Foundation over the Glow Mousse (once it’s dried) and brush the MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Deeper Bronze over your pins!

Karamel & Brown Glow Fast

The Glow Fast* looks like an intimidating brown liquid but using a mitt to carefully apply will eradicate any concerns you might have. The way I applied the Glow Fast was to squirt a 5p amount and work it onto the skin in circular motions. Compared to the Glow Mousse, it developed a little slower but I found it to be more intense.

Cheryl had told me that mixing the tan with my usual moisturiser would create the effect of a semi-permanent foundation/concealer with bronzer which would last for roughly 5 days. This was obviously great news considering my hyperpigmentation and that it could even even it out and it did a great job at evening my skintone.


I’ve never tried tanning products before, but I’d heard a lot about streaking but, I didn’t see a single streak which I’m sure many regular self-tanners would rejoice at, and one thing I really loved was that it’s called a Glow than a tan which is just perfect for anyone who may seem intimated by using tanning products.

When I first thought of the idea of trying several tanning products for darker skin, I had never come across Karamel & Brown but now I have, I’m convinced that all women of colour need to try out the products, especially the Glow Mousse to get a gorgeous glow in no time!