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Beauty Experiences | Skin Health Spa



Skin Health Spa is a chain of spa clinics favoured by a number of celebrities including Amir Khan, Beverly Knight, Liz Mclarnon, Lauren Goodger and Jermaine Defoe offering a variety of treatments be they the conventional treatments like massage and facials to dermal fillers and they’re luckily scattered across the country in locations such as Marylebone in London, Cheshire and Manchester.

I popped over to the clinic in Marylebone to experience a full aromatherapy body massage* and the minute I walked through the doors, I was greeted with a warm and welcoming smile and offered something to drink. Whilst I was waiting for my therapist to get ready, I just sat back, read a magazine and took in the environment which is a very clean, modern and sophisticated with the furniture and mirrors.

With the massage, at first I was very sceptical as to how much I would have to reveal as I’ve never had that type of massage but, I was quickly assured that I could cover up the body parts I wouldn’t be comfortable showing. As a Muslim woman, there’s situations that may be inappropriate but the massage wasn’t so full body, instead she focused on the back, arms, neck and lower legs which are fine for Muslim women to show to other women. It’s definitely Muslimah friendly!

The therapist created the perfect ambiance by dimming the lights, lighting a few candles and starting off the massage using the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel which contains ginger, black pepper and rosemary to loosen up the tense muscles. Then she moved on to massage with the oil containing the same essential oils. Her technique was just amazing and she immediately spotted my areas of concern and guessed that my day usually consists of sitting at an office desk because of the particular areas that were tense and stressed. She also raised a really interesting point that stress isn’t just mental, and that our bodies store stress too so I’m a lot more aware of how I handle stress now.

I have no clue about the rest of the massage because I dozed off really quickly. Apparently, it was for just over an hour but it felt like it 10 quick minutes. The therapist got me so relaxed that I just slipped off to sleep so easily when I’d been having trouble sleeping for a few weeks. She’s got the magic touch!

I’ve had less difficulty sleeping since the massage and I’m most definitely going back for a repeat. Getting pampered every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?