Indulge Your Hands!


A hand cream must follow me everywhere I go and I’ve tried them all; anti-bacterial, anti-ageing, scented and natural but nothing is better than a rich and luxurious hand cream. I love hand creams with very moisturising ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter therefore the new Dove Indulgent Nourishment Hand Cream* is the perfect hand cream for me.

I usually prefer a very thick and buttery hand cream like the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector and this one is considerably thinner but it’s rich enough to keep your hands very moisturised and get rid of any dryness. It’s also got the most enticing shea butter and vanilla scent to it and don’t get me started on how velvety smooth my hands have been after using this!

The Dove Indulgence Nourishment Hand Cream is almost like a mini spa treatment for your hands with its richness. If you think about the many things we’re doing with our hands on a daily basis i.e. washing the dishes, chopping up food, taking the bins out and holding onto train or bus handles, it’s best to just wash your hands when you get home and slather this stuff generously all over your hands and make up for the days strain. Plus, the DeepCare Complex is a blend of special ingredients to treat your hands for just £3.49!