Muslimah Beauty's Birthday Month!

Muslimah Beauty’s Birthday Month!

Muslimah Beauty is ONE years old!

It’s been a crazy year for me, my entire life has changed since creating Muslimah Beauty. I’ve met some amazing people, formed lasting relationships, had laughs, been to places I’d never thought I’d visit and managed to swim in beauty products whilst I’ve been at it. It’s been a fantastic year for me and deciding blogging is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Muslimah Beauty started when I was in Egypt visiting my family last summer. The revolution was still alive and kicking and I’d been contemplating to start a blog and that finally came into fruition when I was unable to go out to central Cairo one day because of a huge protest that was taking place that day. I was cooped up in my house so I just took the plunge to write a few posts and the rest is history!

I’d be nowhere with this blog if it wasn’t for you lovely ladies who read it. I’ve met some of you, emailed with you and chatted away with you about your beauty dilemmas, weddings and personal lives and it honestly feels like I personally know you all. I just love the sisterhood that’s present regardless of not meeting, we all share a common bond and that’s an unhealthy obsession with beauty!

To thank you all for your immense support, I’ll be giving all of you the chance to win LOADS of prizes! The giveaways will be very spontaneous and random and could last for one hour, two days, or even ten minutes so you need to keep your eyes peeled to avoid missing out! You’ll love the prizes and I promise you that ;)