Haircare for Hijabis?

Would you say that haircare for women that wear the headscarf should be different? I wouldn’t but in my hands, I hold two products from new vegan and halal brand, Medina Healthcare that ‘care for covered hair’. I have no clue how that’s possible as there’s nothing I’ve come across that implies covered hair requires special attention but, instead of judging it wholly on my first impressions, I decided to give it a go and it wasn’t so bad!

Starting off with the shampoo, it contains rosemary which is a known scalp stimulant (I love to mix it with oils for a head massage) and almond oil which nourishes and replenishes the hair. I found the shampoo to be gentle on my hair with a light yet effective lather and it cleaned my hair well however, it was pretty runny as the bottle has a screw cap so I had no control over how much shampoo I could use and I managed to spill quite a bit! As much as the runny consistency annoyed me, the shampoo has a very flowery and powdery to it which almost makes up for spilling almost a quarter of  the shampoo.

As much as I don’t really like the shampoo, the conditioner was a million times better. The conditioner contains calendula oil which really gave me the shot of moisture my hair’s been needing for quite a while. One thing that really impressed me with the conditioner is that when rinsed out, my hair felt light and weightless whereas many other conditioners I’ve tried would leave a little residue once rinsed out. Two days later and my hair’s still feeling quite moisturised so I’m impressed! It’s the perfect consistency to play around with and add a little olive oil to add an extra shot of moisture but

After trying the range, I’m honestly not convinced that women who cover their hair need to pay extra care and attention. If anything, I’d assume that covering your hair would protect it from the elements of the harsh cold in the winter and drying sun however, Medina Healthcare’s products are certified halal and vegan which is music to my ears considering the harmful chemicals that are in our haircare products. If like me you don’t buy into the whole ‘hijabi haircare’ idea, at least there’s a brand out there with similar, ethical values!