Addicted To Vaseline Handcreams!

I realised that I was a hand cream hoarder the other day when I found 3 of them in my bag and then found one more a few hours later. 4 handcreams in my bag. Yes, four! I’m not even going to disclose the amount that’s lying around in other bags of mine but, my hands have to be moisturised at all times so keeping a hand cream by the sinks and in bags is what I do best. I think it all stems from my grandmother warning me to never wash the dishes without gloves and to make sure they’re elegant looking at all times.

I think my grandmother would be pleased to know that I’ve added two more hand creams from Vaseline to my never ending collection. Both hand creams have Stratys 3 technology which as well as the upper layer of the skin, the moisture also reaches multiple layers so your skin’s better hydrated. The first hand cream is the Essential Moisture with oat extract. Second is the Healthy Hands + UV Protection* which is quite the innovation as it comes with SPF 15. Most pople won’t ‘t scrmp on the SPF for their face and body but the hands are very much neglected and it’s a known fact that regardless of how botoxed your face is, your hands will give away your age! This hand cream smells so fresh and clean; even though there’s aloe vera in it, it smells a lot like cucumber and I always assumed it was cucumber until I read the packaging properly!