The Mixstress Workshop | Luxury Macadamia Vanilla Scrub

The Mixstress Workshop | Luxury Macadamia Vanilla Scrub


Bath time should be the time where you get to use the best products and for me, the best products are those that have unbeatable quality and smell absolutely beautifully.

This recipe is inspired by the Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub which is one of the most outstanding scrubs ever with its decadent kukui, macadamia and sweet almond oils but it costs an arm and a leg so whilst it’s lovely to purchase a luxury body scrub with the wonderful packaging, in reality you can make your own for the fraction of the cost using products that you’d find in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with the exception of macadamia oil.


1 cup of brown sugar (white sugar is okay too, I ran out so I opted for white)

1/4 cup of macadamia oil

1/4 cup of sweet almond oil

2 tablespoons of honey (must be as runny as possible to mix

10 drops of vanilla essence


Pour the sugar into a bowl or container large enough to store the scrub in and then add the oils, honey and vanilla essence to the sugar.

Mix everything together very well and pay close attention to if the honey has mixed well too.

Depending on how strong you want the vanilla scent to be, add more or less of the vanilla extract.