The Brazilian Blowdry In A Bottle

After reading the title again, I just noticed how exaggerated it looks. There’s definitely no Brazilian blowdry in any bottle but, I’ve come close. I’ve never had a Brazilian blowdry but my friends have nothing but great things to say. The promise of no frizz and showstopping locks is very tempting so don’t be surprised if I tweet about getting it done one day!

The Brazilian Blowout Açai Deep Conditioning Masque and I crossed paths at my aunts house. Her bathroom cabinet is heaving with products I don’t need, but most definitely lust after. After not bringing a conditioning mask with me when I was staying at hers (use a hair mask after each wash curly ladies!), I used this one and boy my hair loved every single minute of it. It’s a pretty rich and thick mask that completely envelopes each strand with hydrolyzed keratin, arginine and cocoa seed butter. After all of the colouring and heat damage my hair’s been put through, the mask has finally put me at peace with my hair because it’s ridiculously moisturised. I’ve come across some brilliant hair masks but they never manage to keep my ends as moisturised as the rest of my hair. This mask however has done just the opposite and my ends feel hydrated whereas they have the tendency to feel deprived of moisture and it’s no easy task to get my ends feeling this good.

Regardless of whether or not I have time, I always leave a deep conditioner in my hair for a minumum of 2-3 hours but, can you believe that my hair felt so good after just 10 minutes? I just wanted a quick condition but I’m now beginning to contemplate on how amazing my hair would look had I left it in for a couple of hours. A real Brazilian blowdry maybe?