Talking at Keziah Connections

On the 24th July, I spoke at an event held by Keziah Connections which was at the wonderful BECCA Boutique in South Kensington. My talk was about blogging and how my identity as a black Muslim woman has helped me with the success of Muslimah Beauty. I touched on points such as me being black and Muslim allows me to cover and write about things that may not necessarily be talked about by others such as cosmetics brands and their presence in the Arab world.

Another speaker was Lara Odusanya, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for BECCA. She spoke about her experiences entering the marketing field. She at first trained as a make-up artist (check out her make-up skills in the photo above!) as she thought that the beauty industry only really consisted of a few careers such as being a hairdresser or make-up artist but she soon realised that there’s so many careers to get into and she chose marketing. She described her average day at BECCA which could either be speaking to media, at events and photo shoots or at the office writing up reports.

The last speaker (such a shame I left before she spoke!) Lukwesa Burak, news anchor for Sky News and founder of Gidore an online store supplying products for curly, kinky and multi-textured hair spoke about Gidore and haircare.

I really enjoyed myself at the event and was so honoured to speak in front of such successful women. These women were buyers, journalists, PR, marketing professionals, bloggers and brand founders and have definitely achieved a lot more than myself so it was quite an experience for me. I also met a lovely reader who told me that she tried my Awakening Ginger & Brown Sugar Scrub and loved it so much that she mixed some more and put them in little jars for her friends, that made my day!