Argan+ Ultra-Rich Body Butter

Argan oil is one of those luxurious oils you use sparingly because it’s such an expensive oil but Argan+ is the latest brand to bring us an affordable range of products with the cult oil.

The Ultra-Rich Body Butter* is a butter with a gorgeous thick consistency. While some body butters are extremely thick and almost impossible to absorb into the skin, this one is almost lightweight and I’ve found it to be moisturising enough for dry skin but not too thick which is important as I don’t want to boil to death in this desert Saudi heat (it’s going up to 47 degrees this week!). However with the heat comes an excessive use of the air conditioner which can be quite drying so the coconut oil, omega oils and antioxidants help to boost moisture levels and hydrate the skin. There’s also the Argan+ Synergy in the butter too which is a blend of 4 other oils being kukui, moringa, sacha inci and baobab; each of the oils have their own nourishing, restorative and regenerating properties.

After using this, I found my skin to be really silky smooth and it leaves a musky scent on the skin which I love. It’s quite hard finding a drugstore product with such a scent so that’s definitely a plus for me. Not to mention the price which is just £8.99 for a massive 300ml tub practically filled to the brim.

Argan+ also have a range of products including a dry body oil, body polish and serum which’ll all be available at Boots from today.