Just What I Need In This Scorching Desert Heat

If I’m totally honest, SPF is such a burden for me and I absolutely hate it. I prefer a fuss free skincare regime with as little steps and products to use as possible but I’m now in Saudi Arabia where the sun is very unforgiving so protection is a must and to satisfy my inner laziness, I’ve opted for a Olay’s Regenerist Flawless Skin Cream SPF30* which not only moisturises, but also doubles up as a shield against the sun.

What I really like about the Olay Regenerist Flawless Skin Cream is that there’s none of that slimy, purple film left on the skin after using sun protection. There’s nothing worse than slathering on a moisturiser to find that you resemble an alien! Also, it doesn’t clog up my skin like the majority of moisturisers I’ve tried with sun protection which is great news for anyone with acne prone skin.

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  1. I have always been curious about using ant-aging products, but I wonder whether it might be more detrimental using it too early age-wise. Would love to hear your opinion on this – especially on coloured skin as we tend to get our wrinkles a little later in life! :)

    • Being a skin expert, I would say that anti aging creams can be used at any age. It doesn’t matter how old are you, what matters is what is your skin type and how you are taking care of it. It is always better to prevent than cure, so take steps to prevent before its to late.

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